Since Aug 25, 2004

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I live in Hunterdon County, NJ. Before 9-11, I had no political views what-so-ever. I mean, I didn't even know which was the elephant or the ass (it seems clear now). However, belonging to a family of 4 Republicans and 1 democrat and after lurking's now funny to have political discussions with my democratic mother (who refuses to disclose her affiliation, but defends Clinton - what does that tell you?!) I know, what a run-on! I've been a lurker here for 3 years now and I now know my stance. References to the Demoncratic Underground lured me there only to have my stomach turned. And the media should be asshamed considering how accountable they are for what the public's view is - definitely not unbiased. I'll probably come back to this to rant, but for now...