John Valentine
Since Dec 12, 1998

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I am an open minded but hard nosed conservative. I have made my career in the engineering and construction industry and worked on projects in a dozen countries on five continents. I have lived and worked in nations with cultures very different from our own, and in some with cultures much like ours.

The closest thing to a universal truth that I have found is that people respond to being treated with respect.

I have also found that notions of family, self and group can be so powerful that lies become more easily believed than truth. With these people, kumbayah and group hugs just won’t cut it.

Right now, I’m working hard to help the political liar class and their victims alike set themselves free through the ideas of F. Hayek, Milton Freidman, and that quintessential American thinker, the inestimable Dr. Thomas Sowell.