Since Jun 19, 2008

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I am 60 years old living in New original home was New Jersey and i will always consider myself a “Jersey Boy”.

In 2006 I retired from a career in law enforcement that spanned from 1971. I served with the Atlantic County Improvement Authority, the New Mexico State Police, the Attorney General of American Samoa and District Attorney offices throughout New Mexico.

I am a veteran of the Strategic Air Command...United States Air Force where I served as both enlisted [Staff Sergeant] and officer [First Lieutenant]. I am 100% disabled due to individual unemployability. I spend roughly 20 hours a day in a hospital bed. When not too sick, I ride my hand-operated Honda helix scooter. I’m not a cripple when I’m on my scooter.

I am the author of seven novels...five are about life in the American Counterculture of 1968-1971...Crossroads: 1969 begins the series.The others are:
Odyssey: 1970
Hell’s Quest: 1971
Soldier of Aquarius: 1969-1970
An Aquarian Tragedy

One is a novel using the author’s true life experiences in a mental hospital [severe PTSD] pitting four young people against organized crime [DeVilliers County Blues: 1972] and one is a politico-military novel [Uncertain Paradise: 1973].

All are in print and for sale at

My music is “golden oldies”

My heroes are President Eisenhower, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, General Colin Powell and my beloved daughter Sgt. Christine Cassell...winner of the Combat Action Badge and veteran of two deployments in Iraq.

My favorite authors besides myself are Jack Engelhard, Linda G. Shelnutt, E. Don Harpe, Anthony Waugh, E. Robert Orn, Brad Philpot, Edd Voss, Sandra E. Waldron, Jeff Howe, Larry Mason, Herman Wouk, Joseph Wambaugh, Sally Quilford, Robert Meacham...

I am an Eisenhower Republican very much in favor of the War and very disgusted with the people both in and out of the media who try to obstruct it. Incidentally for an excellent book on this subject read Jack Engelhard’s BATHSHEBA DEADLINE.