Since Sep 24, 2010

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I am the Libertarian nominee for Texas governor. Check out my website at http://kathie4guv.com or my Facebook page Kathie Glass for Texas Governor.

My four main issues are as follows:

1. Secure our border using our Texas State Guard — not our National Guard which can be nationalized but our State Guard which is under the sole control of the governor. Also, eliminate all taxpayer funded services to non-citizens (estimated to be 25% of our $180,000,000,000 budget), which act an as incentive for people to illegally jump the border.

2. Reclaim Texas’ 10th Amendment sovereignty by resisting constitutional federal acts like Obamacare using the best tools available — nullification and interposition.

3. Restore fiscal sanity and independence from Washington by cutting our budget 50% (which would only return us to where we were about 10 years ago), using the long-ignored line item veto which our Texas Constitution gives our governor. End the property tax and franchise tax and replace them with nothing — it’s not that we don’t tax ouselves enough, it’s that we spend too much. Opt out of Medicaid (which was 26% of our budget before Obamacare and our liability for which has been increased 75% by that act), using the savings to structure the healthcare services that Texas wants for Texans instead of what Washington dictates for us.

4. Defend private property rights by ending eminent domain abuses like the Trans Texas Corridor — a secret deal with foreign companies to steal over 500,000 acres from the heart of Texas for a road nobody wants in the biggest eminent domain action in Texas or maybe American history. The contracts are 99 year leases with non-compete clauses, meaning that Texas has sold its sovereign right to build or repair any road in competition with the toll roads. One road — TTC 35 — would traverse Texas north to south and have a total of FIVE exits.

I am focused right now on my debate with Bill White (Perry refuses to debate). After that, I will improve my profile page to bring it up to Freeper standards.

I thank all Texas freepers for their consideration of me as their next governor. I gladly accept any support financial or otherwise from non-Texas freepers — who knows, you may be “Gone To Texas” sooner than any of us knows.