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History from God's Perspective - LONG

Real Southern Barbeque

" We Were Soldiers" IA DRANG Battle in Viet Nam

"The Speech" - General George S. Patton, Jr. (WARNING: Profanity!!)


'Able Danger' Intel Could Rewrite 9/11 History

9/11 Intel Failure and Janet Reno’s “Wall” Policy (the REAL Reason we failed to prevent 9-11)

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Any thought on how to battle identity theft

Are you looking for a job? (#3) [A Nice List]

Are you looking for a job? (#4) [A Better List]

Black Boxes Help Consumers Zap Telemarketers


Columbia Discussion thread

Debunking The Bush AWOL Story - From The Horse's Mouth

Decoding the IRS' Individual Master File

Digital Photo Help Needed

Encountering A Roadblock (What to expect and how to handle the situation)

Environmentalists Organizations Exposed

Faith of Our Fathers: Liberal Lies About Founders' Beliefs

Finding A Church, A Brief Guide for the Discriminating Worshiper

Foreknowledge and Predestination

Freeper Suggestions on Where to Retire

Freerepublic features (the run-down)

Happy 30th Birthday, Compact Disc! -- LP Info

Higher Learning [re: Insight's list of top-30 colleges and universities]

Home theater/ HDTV questions

Homemade cigarette movement is on a roll

How Do We Transfer Audio Cassettes onto CDs?

How Does One Season (or Reseason) and Care for Cast Iron Skillets (Obvious Vanity)

How to surf anonymously without a trace

Husband diagnosed with neuropathy---Vanity

I have a Computer Question.... How can I Transfer my VCR tapes to DVD?


Life's Grand Design

Looking to buy good history books. Especially American history. Any suggestions? (Vanity, I suppose)

Man Arrested For Hitting Girlfriend With Fish

MILNET: Attack on America

most memorable place you've been to in the USA

Most Memorable Place You've Been To In The USA - THREAD 2

Natural cold/flu remedies that kill the nasties dead

No Free Lunch [Review of New Dembski Book on Intelligent Design]

Not Yours to Give

Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare- Survival Skills, Pt. II

On Calvinism (Excerpt from Introductory Essay to Owen's The Death of Death in the Death of Christ)

Patton - War as he knew it.

Power outages explained

Powers of Ten (really cool)

Putting An End To Telephone Solicitations (and some help with spam, too!)

Recent Changes @ FreeRepublic

Report Calls Recycling Costlier Than Dumping

SCO says it's time for Linux users to pay up.

Self-Direct Your Retirement

Selling on EBay. What do I need to know? (Vanity)

Sept. 11: US Nice Guy says 'enough' (Long but VERY good read)

Sex With Me Can Chase Off Spirit, Noodle Girl Told

shotgun recommendation?

Shuttle Contact LOST-No Tracking Data During RE-Entry!

Space Shuttle Columbia Will Be Visible In San Francisco Area (6AM Pacific)

Suitability of Ruger Mini 14 Rifles and .223 Ammo

Sundown At Coffin Rock

Sydney Residents 'Must Carry Survival Bags'

T.U.L.I.P. and why I disagree with it

Thank God! PETA has finally met its match

The Crusades in the Checkout Aisle

The Freepers Greatest Threads, and Posts!

The Intellectual Errors and Political Dangers of Multiculturalism

The Laws Used by Environmentalist in Klamath Falls


The Meaning of Intelligent Design

The Myth Behind "Separation of Church and State"

The natural (The Guardian no longer 'misunderestimates' George W. Bush

The Polemics of Infant Baptism

The Real History of the Crusades

The Root of America -- The Tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of Calvinists

The ultimate tax shelter: owning your own business

This moving season, avoid moving scams!


What About a Free Republic FAQ?

What DID our Forefathers Say? "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...

What Gun to Buy?

What Is The Best 12 Gauge Shotgun Load for Home Defense?

Where are you retiring and why?

William Rehnquist totally destroys "Separation of Church and State" myth

Would like freeper help

Would like freeper help (Origin of beeber...)