Since Apr 13, 2005

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Here are some videos from the Our Country Deserves Better PAC.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted by the United Nations in 1948) calls on nations to protect freedom of speech, press, the right to property and the right to a fair trial. Each of these rights is secure on Taiwan, which is rated one of the two freest countries in Asia by Freedom House. Each right is non-existent in mainland China.

China is not only a respected member of the United Nations but has a permanent seat on the Security Council, while Taiwan is a pariah.

Andorra, with its 54,550 citizens, is a UN member. Taiwan, with a population of 23 million (more populous than 60% of UN member states), is not. Liechtenstein, which covers a land mass of 160 sq. kilometers, has a vote in the General Assembly. Taiwan, which comprises 36,000 sq. km (roughly the size of the Netherlands), does not. Taiwan has the world's 17th largest economy, the 16th largest volume of trade, and the third largest foreign-exchange reserves. It's IT industry has the largest share of the global market for notebook computers, motherboards, and LCD monitors.

If you want a visa to visit Taiwan, you go to one of its representative offices abroad - not to a Chinese embassy. Citizens of Taiwan travel on an ROC passport, not one issued by the PRC.

Yet, Taiwan doesn't have a seat at the UN. Why?