Since Nov 20, 2000

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Hello One and All! My name is Kerry Myers and I freely confess to being a political junkie. I carried my first protest sign about 1964 when Pierre Salinger was running for the US Senate from California. He had been appointed to the position when Senator Claire Engle died in office. He made a whistle stop run through the Bay Area in the style of the 1960 Kennedy campaign. When his train stopped at the Fairfield-Suisun station, I was there holding a sign which read Vote For The Senator of Your Choice From the State of His Choice.; I know he saw it because he scowled at me. Two years later I was home on leave from Viet Nam. I worked the phone banks in the June '68 primary race for James Shumway vs Robert Leggett. I also gave the candidate a $100 campaign contribution. At the time, the US Army was paying me the princely sum of $225 per month.

In recent years I have been involved in the KSFO Smog Check 2 events, and all the anti-Clinton protests in San Francisco. I must have written one too many letters to the editor last year because I was hornswoggled into running for a seat on the Marin County Republican Central Committee. I won! Since the election I have attended all but one Freeper event in San Francisco. If you saw someone with a professional-looking engraved sign with a slogan such as Gore is a Chad Molester or No Outcome Based Elections or I Want My Country Back! those were my handiwork.

I am convinced that we must maintain our vigilance, as the other side has signaled their intention to continue the war. Onward! 2003 Update: I have completed my term on the Central Committee. My family and I are escaping the Gray Davis taxation machine by moving to Sparks, NV in June. Looks like a great group of folks already up there.

2004 Update: We love it up here!

2005 Update: I have become enmeshed in local political fray. I helped elect Bob Larkin to the Washoe County Commission. I fought on the winning side to preserve Spanish Springs Airport from the developers. Political life is good up here!