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Biographical Brief
Katherine Marie Jenerette
Republican Candidate U.S. Congress 2010
First Congressional District, South Carolina

Katherine Jenerette is a U.S. Army veteran of the Persian Gulf War Operation Desert Storm and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina with a Masters Degree from USC, Columbia. She has served as a Field Representative for the 1st Congressional District, South Carolina. She is married and the mother of four children.

Katherine Jenerette served as a Field Representative for the 1st Congressional District, South Carolina and a Congressional Staff Assistant to U.S. Rep. Henry E. Brown, Jr., and was a member of the North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission. Katherine also served as the CEO of the Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association and a member the Horry County Envision 2025 Comprehensive Planning Committee task force.

Katherine is a Commissioned Officer serving in the U.S. Army Reserve and an Army Paratrooper and is currently assigned to the U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, N.C. Jenerette is a CA Team Leader and is part of the military’s highly specialized Civil Affairs teams which forms the nucleus of the Army's Civil-Military operations expertise for both Army Special Operations (SOF) and conventional forces. In January 2009, Katherine completed the US Army Combat Life Saver Course as part of pre-deployment training and is a graduate of the U.S. Army's Airborne school at Ft. Benning, Georgia, the Mobilization Civil Affairs Course (MCAC) at Ft. Bragg, NC and the Military Police Corps BOLC III Leadership Course at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

After coming home from the Gulf War, Katherine attended the University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina Campus on a Cross Country and Track scholarship. While in the Army, Katherine had competed in the U.S. Army Europe Track and Field Championships and as a 'walk-on' at USC Coastal she was recognized as one of the regions top runners when she was named to the NCAA Track & Field Big South Conference in 1994. She graduated from CCU with a degree in History in 1995 and received her Masters Degree from USC, Columbia in 1997.

Katherine is a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10804, served on the board of Directors of the North Myrtle Beach Citizens Association, the I-73 Association and is a charter member of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. She is an Adjunct Professor of History with Southeastern Community College. Katherine is very involved in sports activities as a runner, a Triathlete, an ocean kayaker, a sport shooter and an outdoorsman. [Link to US Congress 2010 Press Release] Katherine recently recieved her German Jump Wings at Ft. Bragg during the 11th Annual Randy Oler 'Operation Toy Drop' 2008 at Drop Zone Sicily.[Link to Photos]
katherine jenerette

In February 2000, Katherine represented her hometown of North Myrtle Beach in the Mrs. South Carolina International Pageant at the Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort where 'Wings for Children' was presented a contribution of $1,000. "This presentation signifies the commitment of this pageant to make changes in the lives of abused, neglected, missing and exploited children in South Carolina.  The contestants have served countless hours in community service.  The sponsors that support the pageant recognize the importance of families, the health, well-being and safety of children."

Katherine lives in North Myrtle Beach with her husband Van, and their four children - a son in High School, Christian David, and three daughters, Benjamin Elizabeth, Drake Katherine, and Wilson Gabrielle. They all attend Horry County Public Schools. Christian and Benjamin are members of the NMB High School Cross Country Team. Katherine is a member of the First Baptist Church in North Myrtle Beach and an associate member of the Huguenot Protestant Church of Charleston.

katherine jeneretteSENATE ELECTION 2004
At 35-years old, as the Republican candidate for the South Carolina Senate in 2004, Katherine Jenerette scored an upset victory in Horry County, including North Myrtle Beach which makes up nearly 70% of the SENATE District population.

Katherine, a Pro-Life, 2d Amendment, US Constitutional Strict Constructionists,  nearly unseated one of the most powerful ‘Good Old Boy’ Democrat Senators in the state Sen. Dick Elliott, who had never lost an election in Horry County, and was first elected to public office in the segregation era of 1962.[more Senate News...FITS]

After a bitter, hardball campaign Senator Elliott only managed a slim victory mainly because of his Democrat base in the western counties and a major ‘glitch’ in the semi-official voters guide, published two days before the election that switched Jenerette’s party affiliation to Democrat (D) and identified Democrat Senator Elliott as the (R) Republican candidate in the Senate race.

Jenerette missed sending Elliott into retirement by a mere 1,880 votes out of over 30,500 votes cast in a race that would have made her the only female Republican Senator in the State of South Carolina and one of the Senate’s youngest members. Katherine Jenerette did this without the support of the Republican Party Leadership, some of whom encouraged her to accept a deal to withdraw from the race as she faced off against the ‘old guard’ from both parties.

In 2006 one influential political pundit described Katherine Jenerette as “…an independent-thinking conservative who's not afraid to buck the status quo, Jenerette sent shockwaves through the Palmetto political landscape.

Katherine Jenerette’s near win of a powerful Senate Seat in 2004 earned her a reputation in many political circles as “the good old boys' worst enemy.

Despite being outspent 10:1, Katherine had the 2nd best Senate race in South Carolina among ten Republican candidates who challenged incumbent Democrat Senators; only GOP lawyer Dickie Jones finished ahead of her in his challenge against Senator Phil Leventis. [See Senate Race Results Map]

Katherine's 2004 campaign endorsements and supporters included the South Carolina Citizens for Life and the NRA - National Rifle Association.

US House Outlook South Carolina 1: Ketner vs. Who in 2010?
1st District (Charleston, etc.) voters are likely to see another lively congressional contest in 2010. Activist/ philanthropist Linda Ketner (D), who lost to four-term US Rep. Henry Brown (R) by a close 48% to 52%, has not announced but has said a re-run is possible and she is forming what she describes on her website as “a loosely structured bipartisan groups of concerned citizens” to focus on improving life in the 1st District -- and which will keep her grass-roots volunteers involved before the next campaign.

But amid rumors that 72-year old incumbent Brown might not seek re-election, there is also talk that Katherine Jenerette, 39, a US Army Reserve Officer and a Republican activist, might seek the GOP nomination. Jenerette ran against Brown in last year’s primary, garnering 19% to Brown’s 70% in a three-way contest. Observers describe her [Jenerette]-- admiringly -- as “Palinesque,” a reminder of just how much of an icon the governor of Alaska has become.

~ from Southern Political Report: Number 731, December 8, 2008

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katherine and children
Katherine Jenerette and Squad - Ft. Leonard Wood - 2008

SENATOR John McCain Pins Lieutenant Bars on Katherine Jenerette


Katherine Jenerette - Veterans Day - Keynote Speaker November 2008

Katherine Jenerette served as a Field Representative to U.S. Congressman Henry E. Brown, Jr.; 1st Congressional District, South Carolina and was as a Commissioner on the North Myrtle Beach City's Planning Commission. Katherine was the Republican candidate for South Carolina Senate District 28 in the 2004 election. • Born in Okinawa, Japan; as an Army dependent, lived and traveled the world wide including a total of eight years in Europe. lieutenant katherine jenerette 2008• Served in Operation Desert Storm with the U.S. Army during the Persian Gulf War. • Served as a writer and the editor of an award-winning military magazine in Germany. • Three years experience in Army Public Affairs. • Nearly two years experience as the Editor-in-Chief of a Division-level publication with a circulation to a target audience of 18,000 service members and their families. • Following discharge from the Army returned to the United States, attended college on a track and cross country athletic scholarship at USC/Coastal Carolina University.

Katherine and Van Jenerette have four children - a son in High School, Christian David, and three daughters, Benjamin Elizabeth, Drake Katherine, and Wilson Gabrielle. They all attend Horry County Public Schools.Van has served as a staff assistant to former U.S. Congressman Arthur Ravenel, Jr.; and served as a member of the North Myrtle Beach City Planning Commission and ex-officio member of the Horry County Planning board.He teaches Political Science and Sociology at Southeastern Community College and was an Adjunct Instructor at Coastal Carolina University. Van, a graduate of the Infantry Officer Candidate School, was inducted into the US Army OCS Hall of Fame at Fort Benning inbenjamin jenerette christian jenerette 2009 April 2002.

MS - University of South Carolina, Columbia SC 1997

BA - University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina Campus, Conway, SC 1995

Post Graduate Studies in History - 1996-1997

1991-1995 - University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina Campus - History major. Course work included education major.

1989-1990 - University of Maryland Frankfurt, Germany (Overseas Division) took Night and lunch-time courses toward Bachelor Degree

July - October 2008 - U.S. Army Officer Leadership Course - Military Police, United States Army Military Police School, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

June - July 2008 - U.S. Army Basic Officer Leadership Course, United States Army Infantry Center, Ft. Benning, GA

Feb. - Mar. 2008 - U.S. Army Airborne Course, United States Army Infantry Center, Ft. Benning, GA Paratrooper Training

Sept. - Oct. 1990 - U.S. Army Primary Leadership Development School, Hanau, Germany Leadership training for Non Commisioned Army leaders [prior to deployment - Operation Desert Storm - Gulf War 1991]

May-Oct. 1988 - Department of Defense Information School Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN School of Journalism. Course work was research, writing and composition intensive.

PERSONAL [photos on left and below - Katherine - September 2008]
Excellent health, 40 years old • U.S. Army Paratrooper • MemberVeterans of Foreign Wars, Post 10804, North Myrtle Beach • Planning Commissioner - North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission •Member Horry County Envision 2025 Comprehensive Plan Committee • Executive Committeeman Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial - Member of the I-73 Association • Board Member of North Myrtle Beach Citizens Association • Charter Member North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce • Member Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society • served as Committee Member Mayor's Citizens Advisory Board, North Myrtle Beach •Charter Member of the Women's Memorial: Women in Military Service for America • Mrs. North Myrtle Beach 2000, Mrs. South Carolina International Pagent • Competed in the 1990 U.S. Army Europe Track and Field Championships • Sept. 2006 and Sept. 2007 competed in North Myrtle Beach Triathlon (1st in Age group) 2006 & 2007 • Member Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) •

Katherine September 2008AWARDS AND DECORATIONS
US Army Airborne Parachutist Badge • US Army Commendation Medal • Army Achievement Medal • NCO Professional Development Ribbon • ARMY Service Ribbon • National Defense Service Medal • SWA Service Ribbon • Marksman M-16 Marksmanship Qualification Badge • U. S. Army Europe, "Military Journalist of the Year" 1989 and 1990 • U.S. Army 2nd Runner-up, "Military Print Journalist of the Year" 1990 • U.S. Army Europe, "Editor, 1st Place Magazine" 1990 • NCAA Big South All Conference Runner 1994 • Marshall Cavendish Scholarship (American Library Association), first alternate 1997

Invited lecturer for Women Study Series at Southeastern Community College - “The All American Super Woman in 2005.” Spring 2005

Keynote speaker Horry County Veteran’s Memorial Dedication, Conway SC Veterans Day 2004 “Veterans’ sacrifice, and America’s debt to them.”

Numerous speeches to NARFE, Optimist clubs, Rotary Clubs, Veterans Groups, etc. On behalf of Congressman Brown, and as an invited speaker

Jenerette, Katherine, "A Re-Examination of the Insignia of the Notitia Dignitatum," 2nd Annual Late Antiquity Symposium, University of South Carolina, May 1998.

Jenerette, Katherine, "Desert Storm Recollections," North Myrtle Beach Library, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Spring 1997

Jenerette, Katherine "The Meaning of a Veteran" invited speaker, Veteran's Day Services, North Myrtle Beach, Nov. 1998

Schmidt, Katherine, "Rain, Rucksacks, and No Sleep," Spearhead Magazine Sept. 1989

Schmidt, Katherine, "It's Even Better Going Down," Spearhead Magazine June 1990.

Source for experience in the Gulf War in British School: Living Through History: Britain 1750-1900 and the Twentieth Century World, Nigel Kelly, Rosemary Rees and Jane Shuter, (Oxford, England - Heinemann) 1998 pp. 176-77

Jenerette, Katherine, "The Desert and the Storm - Personal Recollections of the Persian Gulf War," work in progress.

Jenerette, Katherine, co-author "When the Last Baby Boomer Dies: An American Celebration," work in progress.

Jenerette, Katherine, “The NOTITIA DIGNITATUM: The Roman Empire’s Final Order of Battle from the Latin manuscript written during the 5th century A.D. about ROMAN ARMY MILITARY units and their deployment during the period of the late Roman Empire,” work in progress.

Numerous News, Feature, and editorial articles 1988 to present

Member - North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission
Member - Ex-officio Envision 2025 Horry County Planning Department Steering Committee
Executive Committee – VFW Myrtle Beach Viet Nam Moving Wall Exhibit November 2007

2008 - Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress 1st Congressional District, SC - Campaign Site Link Click Here
2006 - Campaign Volunteer SC Governor Mark Sanford
2006 - Campaign Co-Chair, Horry Co. SC Treasurer Thomas Ravenel
2006 - Campaign Field Representative SC Lt. Governor Mike Campbell
2005 - Member of I-73 Association and organization trip to Washington, DC
2004 - Republican Candidate for State Senate District 28 (narrowly lost by only 1,880 votes – out of over 30,000+ votes cast) [See Senate Race Results Map]
2002-2004 - Field Representative to U.S. Rep. Henry E. Brown, Jr. (R)SC
2003 - Republican Women's Federation visit to D.C. – U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond (R)SC
2002 - Campaign Worker U.S Rep. Robin Hayes(R)NC
2002 - Campaign Volunteer Elizabeth Dole(R) for US Senate
2000 - Campaign Volunteer George W. Bush(R) for President
1999 - Campaign Worker Elizabeth Dole(R) for President
1998 - Republican Candidate, Primary Horry County School Board
1994 - Campaign Volunteer Arthur Ravenel, Jr.(R) for SC Governor
1992 - Horry County Delegate to SC Republican State Convention
1992 - Chairman, Ways & Means Committee Horry County Republican Woman's Club


Lieutenant Katherine Jenerette Interview


katherine and children
Katherine Jenerette and children summer 2008
Wilson Gabrielle, Drake Katherine, Christian David, and Benjamin Elizabeth.

katherine and children
Katherine & Van Jenerette Photo Odds 'n Ends Stuff 2008
jenerette track high school
Workout for HS Cross Country 2008

jenerette us constitution

jenerette track high school
2008 Airborne & Visit to Schools etc.

jenerette c17 jump april 08

KATHERINE JENERETTE in the News: Campaign for U.S. CONGRESS 2008

KATHERINE JENERETTE’S 75-Day Whirlwind Campaign for U.S. CONGRESS
Congratulations to US Rep Henry Brown, Jr.

Benjamin Jenerette Named to The Grand Strand 's High School best in girls cross country
The Sun News: Toast of the Coast

Benjamin Jenerette Wins PeeDee Classic JV Girls

Benjamin Jenerette Leads North Myrtle Beach HS Varisty Girls Cross Country in State Championship Meet

South Carolina State Championship Meet Cross Country: Saturday, November 9, 2008

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