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"Driving is a privilege, not a right", according to FReepers

"There Must Be A Limit": U.S. v. Emerson And The Federal Courts

***The Fog Of War***

A Few Useful Tips for new Forum users

America's gun culture

Ashcroft tells NRA 2nd Amendment allows personal gun ownership

Before They Come For The Guns

Big Brother's New Prohibition

Biological Agents Information Links (Must Bookmark)

Butting Heads with the Law

Cincy law sparked controversy Over-the-Rhine district focus of ordinance

Colt 1911A1 - The Legend Lives On

Commemorating Banned Web Pages

Decisions Looming on Second Amendment

Decisions Looming on Second Amendment

Deleted but Not Gone (Must read, unless you have a computer science degree, IMHO)

Don't Get Lost Shopping for GPS

Federal judge issues order on gun law

Freepers Beware of the Non-Meeting Meeting (Vanity)

Freerepublic features (the run-down)

Good site with LOTS of email addresses for govt/media

Gun 'license' is just a safety certificate

HELP! I have a friend who has bought into the 9/11 myths!

How Do I Monitor Internet Connection Speed?

How Does Big Brother's Traffic Signal Camera Work?

How to do full-text FR searches

How to Properly Flame

How to win politically(on any issue with popular support) (guns, abortion, land grabs, etc)

HR 190: Bill to prohibit citizenship to babies born to illegal alien mothers.

HR 190: Bill to prohibit citizenship to babies born to illegal alien mothers.

HTML Bootcamp (Cyber patriot training)

Html shortcuts? Archiving advice?

Is the Federal Government Supreme and Above the States?

It is Unpatriotic to Waive Your Rights (And also Dangerous)


Juror Says it Was Tough Decision

Links to most All Local television sites, great for news not covered elsewhere

Little Things - Harassment by Laws and Law Enforcement

Living the outlaw life:National ID Our Line in the Sand

Love and Selfishness

Media Manufactured Massacre (Left Leaning Media Exploits School Shooting To Advocate Gun Control )

Need help to refute "Bowling for Columbine"

Orson Scott Card: The War of Stories [the story that we must tell to Muslim world]

Pursuit of Liberty: Legalize Drunk Driving

Razormouth: Tolerate This!!!

Reported plane crash in Dayton

Rights... A rational derivation

Rights... A rational derivation

Saint Peregrine, Patron Saint of Those Afflicted with Cancer

Signatures of the Gun Culture

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Stars rally for Denver woman convicted in cop's death

Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies (Index)

Sustainable Living


The angry specter of "shot in the back" rises once again

The Gothenburg street fighters were driven to violent protest

The greatest document of the American gun debate

The Meaning of the Words in the Second Amendment

The Non-Crime of Drunk Driving

The Pocket Emergency Survival Kit


The Vanishing American Male

Three shots kill sword-wielding man at Parkland apartments

Too many err when providing for heirs

UNITED STATES v. MILLER, 307 U.S. 174 (1939)

UPDATE WITH **PHOTOS** -- Police violence shocks activists, others at Oakland, CA protest

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

WEB RESOURCES FOR FReepers: Amazing lists of useful links

Why can't I own nuclear weapons? The Second Amendment guarantees it!

Why can't I own nuclear weapons? The Second Amendment guarantees it! [THREAD TWO]

[AP SCOOP] Space Shuttle Columbia Will Be Visible In San Francisco Area (6AM Pacific)