Since Oct 13, 2004

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Welcome Fellow Freepers To My About Me Page

My Information

Name: Kyle Snavely
Age: 22
Email: Ksnavely@purdue.edu
Major: Business Management
School: Krannert School of Management
College: Purdue University

A little more about me

So you would like to know something about me? My, what an inquiring little mind you have. Allow me to scratch that "itch" you call curiosity by revealing to you..well me. What better way is there to illustrate myself to you, in all my complexity and nuance, then with a brief superficial list of things I like and dislike? This list will once and for all put asunder the intrinsic truths and egregious mischaracterizations that persist in this world. So without further ado I present to you, in all its ornate glory, the list.

The List

Now that I have inundated your senses with this pleasant litany I graciously presented for your viewing pleasure, it is time to further deepen the reservoir of knowledge you hold about me. So let us continue this journey of discovering me. Yes that’s right, just what you asked for, more lists (Yay)! I can sense your unbridled anticipation.

My Class Schedule for Spring 05

  1. Mgmt 310 Corporate Finance
  2. Mgmt 305 Business Statistics
  3. Mgmt 301 Bullsh*t required class where you do interviews and resumes
  4. Mgmt 324 Marketing
  5. Com 318 Theories of Persuasion
  6. OBHR 330 Organizational Behavior

My Favorite Websites

There are many more sites in my links section just click the "links" tab at the top of this page.

Rush Limbaugh Online

National Review Online

The News

Conservative and Libertarian Philosophy