Since Mar 21, 2010

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It is time to leave American Now! There are basically 3 places left on the earth to move to.

1) Those controlled by Islamic law (which are extremely dangerous for Christians to live in. Most of Africa and various countries all the way to Indonesia. Get out of these areas

2) Those controlled by Marxists (Darwinian Atheists, anarchist atheists, Nihilists and any other type of Antichrist worldview which is based in atheistic evolutionary psychology and Big Brother, anti Biblical Morality enforcement) who have changed entire constitutions to force you to support and submit to funding abominable perversions and funding with your tax money of the worst genocide in the history of the world: Abortion. These Marxist areas include the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, All of the EU, Britain, Asia and parts of Africa (Namibia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Ethiopia) and Latin America such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba. Get out of these areas

3) Last remnants of Christian, preborn, and freedom of conscience friendly nations. These countries are found in a few Latin American countries, a few African countries and some pacific islands. These are the countries where all Christians should escape to while they still can as there is no more hope of changing the #1 and #2 areas of the world anymore (don’t fool yourself), their power is too great and engulfs the entire media and culture in these regions. For questions and specific countries to research email me here.

Plan: You must change your life just like the Christian pilgrims did when they made their exodus out of the overlord states of Europe and elsewhere when they came to North America. It takes some time to plan but you can do it. What you give up you will gain in the long term.

a) Research and learn about living in tropical locations.
b) Learn water well drilling and pump installation techniques as well as biosand water filter construction. You will need these skills to provide yourself a clean water source on land you live outside of cities. You can also teach locals these skills.
c) Learn about forest farming techniques in tropical locations. You will not have a walmart to go to, learn to get free food from the earth in unique ways, just like others have been doing for thousands of years before supermarkets were created.
d) Learn about earth based building techniques such as CEB, rammed earth as well as basic framing of a building in wood. You will be able to build your own dwelling in such methods very inexpensively, and also be able to again share such knowledge with locals to help their lives as well.
e) Learn various skills you can use as barter when you move anywhere in the world. Forget about most all modern jobs as they will not be useful in the place you move to, neither will your money once it is tied to the one world government control and forced taxation system which is near being implemented fully in most all the Marxist countries of the world. Think about skills people have used before the industrial revolution and had been using for thousands of years to build things by hand without computers. One of the best resources that has decades of learning in it is the Appropriate Technology Library Cds.


f) Learn about proper hygiene and sanitation in 3rd world countries to protect your health from parasites.
g) Learn basic skills to protect you from mosquitos so you avoid malaria.

It is time to Leave America Now (and the other Marxist and Islamic nations listed above). The last exodus has begun, it is time to get yourself on the new Mayflower to leave to start new Christian refuge countries in select life and conscience and Christian friendly nations and build and protect them by force, they will be the last outposts of Christian civilization before Jesus returns. The west is no longer and never will return to being a Christian civilization, Darwinian Marxism and its various branches will continue to rule and grow in all of the west through the media and power structures being further enforced through the powers of the UN, IMF, OECD, WORLD BANK, INTERNATIONAL COURT, ETC. of which all the western countries especially the USA are now willing slaves to.