Liberals are Evil Socialists!
Since Apr 13, 1999

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The one war conservatives fail miserably to properly prosecute is the dis-information war that this country is already deep in the grip of a socialist regime. We already pay more than 50% of what we earn to the govenment in one form of direct or indirect taxation. Some pay much more. When Republicans can explain the benefits of concentrated wealth and the ability to create jobs, opportunities, capital and investment with that wealth, as opposed to the policies of redistributive failed socialsitic taxation, then the demonrat will finally be marginalized away. Where are the truly enlightened fighters against socialism and its suicidal effects on our capitalistic free enterprise system? There are two things that scare Demonrats the most: 1) losing control of the Court system; and 2) having their socialsitic agenda exposed and displayed as the failure it is. Keep the sunshine on those issues. NEVER FORGET.