Since Jun 8, 1998

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I’m a Reagan and Bush 43 Conservative living in Elmore, AL, near Montgomery. When I’m not into politics, I’m into pro-Football, reading in: politics, history, science fiction, international espionage novels (e.g., Clancy, Brown, Coonts), space travel, medical thrillers and many other topics. I’m just a little to the right of Rush, and regular listen and sometimes post Sean Hannity (or lately Glenn Beck), The WhiteHouse Briefings with our Hero Tony Snow, Rush, and Sean Hannity and very recently (when I’m on that late) to Mark Levin. My candidate for ‘08 is either Newt Gingrich or Rudy Giuliani. I currently live in Elmore, AL, after a two year stint in Jacksonville and having spent 18 years in Seattle, 2 years in the Bay Area, 8 years in Houston, and my childhood in Chicago, IL.