Since May 7, 2005

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I'm a 34-year-old mom with 2 great kids and an awesome husband. I grew up in awful Taxachusetts with parents who considered themselves "Democrats," but just happened to be the most conservative people I had ever met! I happened to be visiting my folks for a few weeks when September 11th "happened." I asked my Dad to search his soul and let me know in a few months what party he felt more in line with. The Light came on and he has officially converted! It took a lot of work and tons of patience to get through the liberal lies, but one of the proudest moments in my life. He's a wonderful guy and a one of our great Veterans (USMC - Korean War).
My daughter, at almost 11 years of age, is a tough Conservative. She could argue with a liberal - tear them up, and spit them out. College years may be rough for her, but her skin is extremely thick! My son is not interested in politics yet, but is a great golfer at 9 years old. My husband is a golf pro, so the kids got a great start.

I'm glad to have found all of you!