Since Nov 19, 2007

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Wrong flag!!! how did that happen? Where is the Bear Flag? >>>>> Hit the wrong spot & what appeared was, the red flag of COMMUNIST CHINA. No thanks.

There was a movement here in the North state a few years back to divide CA in 2 or even 3 states, the line (argued about) to be north of SF Bay area & Sacramento. But the more populated coastal areas are heavily liberal. Logging/lumber provided a healthy economy until the '70s & extreme environmentalism. The northeast high desert regions grow mostly alfalfa and cattle. If the NW region and its MJ growers in the woods could see their way clear to turn their farms from sillyweed to hemp(not fit to smoke) & its many products, this would not only provide a healthy economy but would be revolutionary. Then, Superior California, as it once was called, would survive.