Since May 28, 2006

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I’m a 48 year old conservative who loves this country, blemishes and all. I’m not now nor ever have been a member of the blame America first crowd. I believe the war in Iraq is a terrible thing, terrible but necessary. I believe in giving of my own time and money to those in need and that when the government gives to those in need it’s nothing but wealth redistribution that allows liberals to feel good about themselves while in reality they’ve given nothing of themselves. I believe the GOP has broken free from its moorings and needs a strong conservative to bring them back to being a party that champions a smaller less intrusive government.
My dad is my hero, he landed on Normandy beach on D-Day + 6. He rarely speaks of his time in the war other than to say he saw terrible things. Veterans of the USA deserve the utmost respect and admiration.
I’m thankful to be an American