Majie Purple
Since Jan 9, 2006

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As of 4.11.11 I'm back on line after yet another www vacay. The most recent lasting 15 mos. I thought I could do this again. But turns out to be not something I'm ready to do. I need to keep surfing the www...At least until my internet/phone bundle deal expires.(penalty $ for early plan departure.)Thanks for the many kindnesses. I have found some very happy restorative pockets of stuff to enjoy online. So as long as I can swing the price financially I’ll stay on the www. I’m just not here much and still hoping to be up to coming back here,FR,someday.Tis one of the sites I miss. Primary reason being,the people I miss. But I just can’t muster that as yet. Not sure I can do that again.(Full fledged participation,I mean.)I just don’t wanna leave anybody wondering.
Here tis,explained. Take care.Hugs.Friends.Thanks for all thoughtful gestures and pings through the years. Means so very much to me. To be included;not left off nor left out and to feel welcome and missed, are wonderfilled. Thank you to those who show/have shown me courtesy;kindness;thoughtfulness and friendship here. These days though... tis more hurtful to my joy than tis replentishing/keeping my joy in full measure, if I spend too much time here. I can't/shan't/won't explain it. Hugs! P.S. My 2 and only 2 user names on FR: Purple Mountains Maj and a while ago I asked it to be changed to Majie Purple. That is all I have to say/type on here. Take care! Oh, one more collective thank you, to those who stayed recognizable as Christians and Friends towards me... and also for the kindness of strangers as well!! : ) <3 (happy heart)