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A Soft Landing for the Boomers

Climate change 'is the norm'

“Rules for Radicals – A Guide for Conservatives“ - could be interesting

"RINO" Label Used Too Flippantly By Conservatives

'I owe my life to the Nazis who foiled the Great Escape' says the last survivorRead more:

'I propose a North American Community'[Robert A. Pastor]

13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live

15 kids and somebody needs to pay for all my children, somebody needs to be held accountable

15 Responsibilities You Have As An Adult

25 Web Sites to Watch

5 Ways To Defeat Malware

802.11b Homebrew Antenna Shootout (Pringles Wins!)

A Fairness Doctrine for the Internet

A New Direction for Conservatives (pt 1)

A Personal Call For Modesty, Integrity, and Balance

A Skeptic's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth (Scientific Rebuttal to Gore's Fantasy Film)

A Storage Tank Like No Other

A three-pronged plan to bring America down (Bush's Amnesty advances North American Union)

ACORN Crooks on the March for Obamacare

Affidavit of Bishop Ron McRae(obama birth in Kenya)

After Butt Fumble, The Jets Are Officially The Worst Football Team

All in a Good Cause (Global Warming)

Allen West - Obama is Destroying This Country!

America The Fallen: 24 Signs That Our Once Proud Cities Are Turning Into Poverty-Stricken Hellholes

America's Culture of Inventiveness Stuffs Obama

An open letter to the GOP on third parties and Lost causes.

An Open Letter To The Republican Leadership In Congress [Excellent Read]

An Update on Halbig, and Other Lawsuits that Could Make the Decrepit HealthCare.Gov

Analysis: Obama's Worst Speech Yet

Ann Barnhardt on Green Energy Bankruptcies

Another Hockey Stick? (S. Fred Singer)

As lawmakers ride the gravy train, state`s residents pay the freight

ATLAS SHRUGGED- Freeper Reviews

Baltimore as a Democrat City

Barack Obama: Radical-In-Chief?

Barbara Hollingsworth: Fannie Mae owns patent on residential 'cap and trade' exchange

BBC - Why I Hate The Sixties (2004)(video)

Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse

Bed bugs threaten to put bite on U.S. hotel industry

Best retirement places?

Bias in new vote-counting system? Obama donor’s company funds controversial election firm

Bill Whittle gives a speech you NEED to hear. . .

Bill Would Give State Unused Gift Card Money (MD)

Bishops Reject Obama's 'Accommodation' - President's political hemorrhaging to continue.

Bitcoin Risks and Skepticism

Bloomberg: NYC Losing Its Financial Edge

Blottr wants to reinvent news ( collaborative reporting by journalists and readers )

Boston Bombing Suspect Shootout Pictures (Eyewitness account of Tsarnaev brothers shootout w/cops)


Businessmen Versus Bureaucrats

Cal Thomas for president?

Canadian billionaire predicts end of US Dollar as world's reserve currency - Ned Goodman lecture

Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This is amazing insight!

CDs 'could be history in five years'

Chapter Two Of The Greatest Electoral Fraud In History

China near collapse?

Cimate Change: And Bothered (Good, factual info on Global Warming)

Climategate Bombshell: Did U.S. Gov't Help Hide Climate Data?

Climategate: CRU Was But the Tip of the Iceberg

Climategate: FOIA – The Man Who Saved The World

Clint Bolick and the Goldwater Institute Quietly Transforming the Country

CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist, Amber Lyon, Blows The Whistle

Coffee With Communists: Who they are, why they kill

Coming clean on 'dirty DUIs' in Contra Costa County

Congressional Extortion

Congressional Extortion

Congressman West Exceptional Speech (WOW!!!)

Controversial Internet Piracy Act 'SOPA' Grinds Forward As Amendments Voted Down

Controversial Internet Piracy Act 'SOPA' Grinds Forward As Amendments Voted Down

David Limbaugh on C-SPAN Washington Journal, June 9, 2012

Dictator Obama Issues New Threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare

Did Campaign Cash Influence Bailout?

Dinesh D'souza vs. Bill Ayers on C-Span now.

Disgusting: Clinton Identified In Lawsuit Against Former Friend and Pedophile

Do John Adams' words mean anything?

Doctor Claims Everything You've Heard About Cholesterol and Heart Disease is Wrong

Dr. Ada Igonoh: How Patrick Sawyer gave me Ebola… and how I survived

Evidence unclear: Scientist tries to dispel myths about extreme weather, global warming

Ex-Time editor: Dem Party 'criminal organization'

Excellent Careers for 2006 - The Best Jobs to Have in 2006

Excellent, important live interview with Michelle Bachman re: the socialist takeover of the US


Extreme Sheep LED Art (Welsh Shepherds With Waaaay Too Much Free Time)

Fair Tax - Straightening Out Some Confusion

Fascist Ecology: The "Green Wing" of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents (a must read!)

FirstNet Board Meeting General Manager Update

Former Obama Staffer Busted for Stealing Iowa Secretary of State's Identity

Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee

Fukushima Corportation [sic] unveils new mascot with an unfortunate (but hilarious) name


Get Over It: The New Deal Didn't Do the Job

Gingrich: The challenge confronting Republicans

Gingrich: The challenge confronting Republicans

Gingrich: The smart legislative strategy for Obama’s second term

Global warming debunked

God's Chorus of Crickets | crickets audio recording slowed way down (Amazing!)

Great Michael Crichton Speech on Environmental Wacko-ism

Greenfield: A Schizophrenic Elephant

Greenfield: Friday Afternoon Roundup - No Country for Liberal Republicans

Hate Your Cell Company? Start Your Own

Heavy Metal Is Back: The Best Cities For Industrial Manufacturing

Herman Cain On "Meet The Press": Liberals Are "Destroying" Economy

HOSTS File Blocklist of RIGHTHAVEN Clients as of Dec 5 2010

How China Will Change Your Business

How to boost your WiFi signal with a beer can (with Photos! you boozehounds)

How to hack the $250 Nook Color into a full Android tablet

How to save youtube videos (and upload them elsewhere)

How to start and publish an independent Newspaper

How To Stop Being Poor

Hubbard Outlines Business Tax System at Reform Panel Meeting

I Bought an Apartment Just to Rent Out on Airbnb

I Finally Understand Democrats

Illegal Alien Brutally Rapes, Beats and Murders 93-Year Old Nebraska Woman

Immigration and Usurpation - Real reason why your Senator wants this immigration amnesty bill

In age of reason, the brouhaha over global warming can leave you cold

Inflection Point (Is the new Microsoft XBox 360 a Dell-killer?)

Internet Control in an Anti-Free Speech World

Internet-Connect TV Soars, Clicks With Mainstream Audience (Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

Irreconcilable Differences (Good Read)

IRS head on targeting tea party: ‘It is absolutely not illegal’

Is a Cinema Studies Degree the New M.B.A.?

Is Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro?

It Begins… Obama’s Ministry Of Truth Replacing Great Literature With Propaganda In The Classroom

It Begins… Obama’s Ministry Of Truth Replacing Great Literature With Propaganda In The Classroom

It's Not About The Nail

It's Official: Public Schools are Obsolete

Italy confiscates $6 trillion in fake US bonds

Japan earthquake: Footage of moment tsunami hit (powerful vid!)

Joe McCarthy was right all along

John Kerry and the Bruce Springsteen cavalcade of hatred

Kim Davis Uproar Shows That Breaking The Law Is Only Okay When Progressives Do It

LEAKED: Obama Executive Order Intends to Implement Portions of DISCLOSE Act

Liberals have broken America's social contract

Lileks on the new (and improved) immigration bill

Malformed FileZilla FTP client with login stealer

Meet the Radical Professors Opposed to Renaming a Public Law School for Justice Scalia

Militant Socialism in America

Mitch Daniels on American Conservatism (Daniels' picks of conservative literature)

Monckton responds to Skeptical Science ( "Cooking the books")

More Delusional Apologetics for Islam

More To The Story At Penn State

Move over 3D printing, self-assemblng 4D-printed materials are on the way

Net Neutrality for Dummies: Will the FCC control the Internet? (video)

Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face

New Film About America's Bubble Economy

New Obama Scandal Erupts: Trump Targeted

New Wheels: Is It Better to Lease or Buy?

NEW!! Yuri Bezmenov lecture unearthed from 1983.

Obama and ACORN GPS Marking EVERY Front Door in America?

Obama Backs Race-Based School Discipline Policies

Obama destroying the USA to rebuild it in his own image?

Obama Honors Socialist Leader at White House – Admits He Stole Her “Yes We Can” Slogan (Video)

Obama insisted on state, local Stafford Act funding after Joplin, Mo. tornado

Obama Syndicate‘s Panetta: Congress is no Longer relevant governmental body

Obama the Destroyer(This will chill you to the bone)

Obama Uses Armed Gestapo-Like Guard Tactics On Senior Citizens At Yellowstone Park

Obama voted AGAINST aid to Katrina victims and for Alaska Bridge to Nowhere

Obama's use of controlled chaos

Obamacare Federal Exchange is open source code: get it here

Obama’s Failing Economic Recovery Plan - (Socialism)

Obama’s Not So Secret Plan

Oh My! (The Free Enterprise Nation)

Ohio Poll Analyst: Voter Turnout Modeling Predicts Big Ohio Trouble for Obama

On Twitter, @GabrielMalor Posts Stunning List Of Lefties Wrong On Right Wing Violence

One Stone, Two Powers: How Chief Justice Roberts Saved America

Patents Pending [Eminent Domain--"Government takings" of drug patents. A way to get cheaper drugs.]

Pie Tastes Like a Chocolate Chip Cookie (Recipe Follows!)

Pledge of Allegiance (analysis by Red Skelton)

Presumptions Of The Left (Thomas Sowell)

Private Citizen Buys Airtime to Do Job Mainstream Media Refuses to Do

Project shows why Dems won’t offer a budget

Proof the Economy isn't Bush's Fault - From the NYTs of All Places

Questions raised over broadband plan

Quit Your Terrible Job Now! 7 Tips for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Rapper Big Boi On Obama: Warns “I’m Not Pro-Govt…Our Freedoms Are Getting Taken Away”

Rare 3D Camera Found Containing Photos from WWI

Rare Declaration of Independence copy fetches nearly $500,000

RED ALERT: It's Open Season on All Customer Funds - Ann Barnhardt

Relationship Expert: The GOP Is Doomed As a Party, Should Seek Divorce

Revisionist History And The Great Depression

Rich States Poor States

Robot soldiers might one day replace real thing Automated forces could make life-death choices

Rude messages greet Ajax [near Toronto] drivers on drive to work

Samsung's Galaxy Note7 is the best smartphone on the planet, period

SciFi and fantasy titan David G. Hartwell passes, aged 74

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It's bad. Very bad.

Self-Direct Your Retirement

So Your Router Is Skynet – A Layman’s Guide

Social Justice According to Pius XI

Sodexo Suit Against SEIU Uncovers Union Intimidation Manual

Some 3D Photos of World War I from Rare, Vintage Stereo Camera

Someone is using my husband's Social Security Number (plz help us, vanity)

Something Wicked This Way Comes ("Fairness Doc",Bailout Bill,ACORN,Welfare,TARP,Census,Guns ETC!)

Sounds of the sea: Listening online to the ocean floor (US Navy not happy)

SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon C3, Flight 4 LIVE LAUNCH THREAD

SpaceX to fly to International Space Station end of November

Stock Market Will Fall, World Is Drowning In Debt, Much Of Which Is Unpayable

Streaming TV: Free Market Costs Leftwing ESPN 7 Million Subscribers

Strike Up the Broadband

Summary of Obama’s IRS scandal

Tale of Two Teslas (half news/half vanity)

Texas A&M Commencement Address

The 15 Most Annoying Things About American Culture

The 27th Day - Cold War science fiction film

The 3D-Printed Urbee 2 Hybrid Car is Light, Strong, and Nearing Production

The Age of Arrogance

The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris

The Chicagoization of America

The Citizen-Journalist's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use on the Internet [FR mentioned]

The Constitutional Meaning Of "Natural Born Citizen"

The Democrats and the Republicans are about to lose badly to the Internet


The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the U.S. Congress

The Fast and Furious Red Herring

The Hedonistic Left and Global Warming

The Kyoto Conspiracy (Gore, Enron, Carbon Trading, Global Warming)

The Morphing of America

The Myth of the 46 Million

The other racism (a courageous black woman tells it like it is)

The Politics of Power: Are You a Citizen or a Subject? [getting the picture yet?]

The Power & Danger of Iconography: The Resistance Steals Obama's Weapons [Bill Whittle]

The Real Reason Obama Hates Free Speech

The seven policy blunders that changed the national character

The Talk: Nonblack Version

The Threat from Lawyers is No Joke (March Imprimis)

The U.S. Will Soon Stand Alone vs. the Nations of the World

The Unvarnished Immigration Debate; Mexican wealthy play American taxpayers for suckers

The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Explained in One Chart

The Web: Internet TV ready for prime time

These Are America’s 10 Most Dangerous Small Cities

This Car Won’t Move (Economy)

This Is Where Whites In America Are A Minority

Tisdale schools the website “Skeptical Science” on CO2 obsession

Toast - Why Obama Will Lose and the Political Analysts Will Be Destroyed

Today's Music Sucks? Bear With Me, Dawg!

Tom McClintok on global warming

Top Soviet-bloc defector: Marxism infecting U.S.

Transforming the Tax Code: An Examination of the President’s Tax Reform Panel Recommendations

Treaty Negotiated In Secret – Hidden Even from Congressmen Who Oversee Treaties...

Triple Lutz Report--The Thought Police Reside in Your SmartPhone

Trojan Horse Obama is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose

Tutorial:Download/Convert Videos/Music FREE! w/Ubuntu

Two New Books Confirm Global Warming is Natural; Not Caused By Human Activity

U.S. Researcher Preparing Prototype Cars Powered by Heavy-Metal Thorium

Unmasking Global Warming: The Case of Mikhail Gorbachev

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Valerie Jarrett. The Real Power & Corruption Behind The Oval Office. Part 1, 2

Vandals break windows at campaign office

Vanity - Anyone a member of Liberty Health Share?

VANITY: Divorcing the Cable Company!

Video: Font Conference [Hilarious! Font geek-speak a plus]

VoIP Gains Popularity in the U.S. and Abroad

Warren Harding and the Forgotten Depression of 1920

Warren Harding and the Forgotten Depression of 1920

Watch Bill Whittle David Horowitz TV Episodes

Watching Now Katie Pavlich On CSPAN 2 Drops Bombshell

WEB RESOURCES FOR FReepers: Amazing lists of useful links

Web Turns 35, but Still Work in Progress

What if Trayvon Had Been White, and the Shooter Black?

Whats so great about america?

Where the Real Men Are - The Wild Lives of the Los Angeles Adventurers' Club Members

Who Is Barack Obama? The Question that Won’t Go Away

Who is Behind the “Media Reform” Movement? (Part One)

Who says George W. Bush has done "nothing" for conservatives?

Who Would Jesus Tax?

Why GOP is devouring one book ('The Forgotten Man')

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner [Video]

World Wide (Web) Takeover. The United Nations wants the Internet.

You Might Be A Redneck Jedi If . . .

Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’

YouTube Video On Avoiding U.S. Job Applicants Angers Programmers

[Sowell] Economic deprogramming

‘We Will Not Be Silenced’: Democrats Produce Documentary Alleging Rampant Vote Fraud by Obama Camp..

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio Announces Re-Election, Needs Your Help

“This is very chilling for the American people!” – Rep. Mike Kelly UNLOADS