Marano NYC
Since Jan 17, 2005

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NYC Republicans sometimes use the term Marano to refer to themselves. Maranos were the names Jews used in the Spanish Inquisition. Most NYC Republicans spare themselves the abuse by remaining silent.
I was outed durring the Hillary for Senate campaign when I refused to sign a some petition. The woman saw my copy of the Rosenberg Files and screamed. "You can't be one of those".
Welcome to NYC where Communists use Republican and Zionist as a pejoratives. The worst thing one can do is read Coulter in a park. Take logic and turn the world upside down and you get NYC
There are encouraging signs as young students from the local young Republican club have started to parody the radicals. These Young Republicans sometimes risk physical attacks but seem to be having fun. They are an insipration to my generation and have allready done things unimaginable in my era.