Since Nov 26, 2000

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The Conservative Paradigm

Some of the government is necessary, but too much government leads to loss of freedom.

It is unjust to forcibly take wealth from some to give th others through taxation.

Government running of anything is not desirable. The government should become involved only if there is no other alternative.

Government institutions may be good, but only market competition can guarantee that institutions will be good.

Freedom of speech, as described in the Constitution, protects only political speech. Other speech, such as obscene speech, has no constitution protection.

Separation of church and state means that there should be no official state church.

Business and state should be separate (in much the same way liberals view the separation of church and state).

Free markets operate most efficiently and create the greatest wealth.

Having a strong economy that increases the demand - therefore the value- of workers best preserves workers' rights.

The country's economic policies should be aimed at creating wealth.

Every cent of military spending to prevent wars is money well spent.

The government should play a role in ensuring that its citizens have clean air and water, an that unique park areas are preserved as public property; however, individuals' constitutional rights should not be trampled in the name of environmental concerns.

Mankind's influence on the possible global warming is unproven. No new taxes should be levied in the name of protecting the global environment.

Law-abiding citizens should be allowed to own firearms and us them in self defense.

No special privileges should be given to any group.

Welfare promotes dependency on the government.

Criminals should be kept out of society.

Author: Stephen R. Meyer RATIONALLY RIGHT