Since Sep 21, 2008

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I am Marshall Beeber; poet, author, scientific consultant and director of the Messianic Literary Corner. I am launching a new “apologetics” public speaking ministry. I welcome the opportunity to speak at your church, synagogue or organization.

I have been a Messianic Jew (Hebrew Christian) since 1973. I am married and the father of a teenage daughter. Our family has worshipped in both Messianic congregations and various Protestant denominational churches. We now reside in the Indianapolis, Indiana area (USA).

My gift of teaching has been present since my youth, and has improved over the years. My approach to Scripture is mainly dispensational and grace oriented, combined with contemporary Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian) theological overtones. Some of my doctrinal beliefs though are not traditionally dispensational. My core beliefs are: salvation through the atoning blood sacrifice of Yeshua (Jesus), justification by faith rather than by the works of the law, and God’s prophetic plan for the salvation of Israel and the world.

Having a career in biomedical research and consulting has equipped me with the skills to address many of the hottest science related apologetics topics. The ministry will focus on the use of logic and analysis to determine how science and archaeology is validating the accuracy of the Hebrew Scriptures and proving the deity and Messiahship of Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth).

Since neither the Messianic Literary Corner nor my public speaking ministry is a “tax deductible organization”, I only wish to be reimbursed for my traveling expenses. If you would like me to visit your organization, feel free to contact me at mailbox@messianic-literary.com .

In Messiah’s grace,

Marshall Beeber (MLC director)