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'Go get 'em, boys! Go get 'em'

A Theory of Constitution Interpretation

Bush and I were Lieutenants (Fellow Pilot Comes to Bush's Defense)


Chinese feel betrayed by 'double meanings'

Commentary: How the media changed


Democrats Craft Fictional Response to Bush's Tax Cut

Downside Legacy: Freeper Profiles

Duplicate Post on Duplicate Posts

Founding Documents - Bookmark now and study!

HTML Bootcamp

I Just Lost My Beloved Wolfhound (Vanity)

Kurdish village offers proof of Saddam's crimes against humanity

Lots Of Praise For Dubya In European Media

Maasai Tribe s-Ultimate Gift 15 Cows Were Offered to Help Heal Sept. 11 Suffering

Much of California's "Power Price Gouging" is Beyond FERC's Reach

NY Post ready with new Pardongate story-Hillary recieved 4 fur coats bought by Denise Rich recently

Presidential candidates' wives cook up cookie competition

Recent Changes to FreeRepublic with popup

Rocky Versace, a real POW War Hero who deserves a MOH

Study: Gore would not have won on recount "Hey democrats it's over, we won"

The Donald Rumsfeld I know isn't the one you know

The Facts About Bush and Harken: The president's story holds up under scrutiny.

THE MAP Makes the News Again

The Recipient Class

Thomas Jefferson's 1793 Report On Trade

Transcript of the Al Smith Dinner Speeches by Bush and Gore

U S Constitution

U.S. prepares another spy plane

USS Cole Loaded - PICS

W., Underestimated

What you have to belive, To believe in Gun Control

What’s it all about, Alfie? Why the fuss over embryonic stem cells?

When ticks transmit dangerous pathogens (Local antibiotic therapy stops Lyme disease)

Wish the 'maverick senator' could make some time for Arizona