mean lunch lady
Since Mar 11, 2004

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I am the mean lunch lady, a name I actually gave myself. I work in a school as a switchboard operator and data entry person.

I was born and raised in Florida and have done very little traveling. I would love to travel if I could but would like it to be mainly by cruise ship.
I don't like spending huge amounts of time in cars and I'm not keen on the idea of flying.

I have been married for 33 years (yes, to the same man). I have a daughter and a son who are now young adults and are great people. They work hard, understand responsibility and are good to their parents, grandparents and other family.

I lost both my parents (6 months apart) when I was 20. My sister and I were lucky to have help from family members to handle all the complicated estate business. The time when our attorney was arrested on the courthouse steps for income tax evasion was a definite bummer. This is true, I swear. Anyway, we have survived and are doing well.

When I was just out of high school I worked for a large insurance company starting in the mail room and eventually being promoted up to adjuster. There were steps in between of course (one of them was running a large, very busy switchboard - this was when phones still had rotary dials). I was there for 8 years but left when my daughter was born because I wanted to be home with her.

When my children were older, I went to work for an elementary school where I had volunteered twice a week for two years. I actually was in the lunchroom for seven years as an aide and general referree as well as mediator and possible Heimlich maneuver administerer. You would not believe what kids will do with food sometimes. I also helped in the office and clinic and worked in the VE, or now it would be ESE, classroom as an aide. I later transferred to another school where I often put in long hours and work on my own time because I am committed to doing the best job I possibly can. I started there as a Clerical Assistant but after four years of really hard work they changed my job title to Data Entry Operator II. That enabled them to give me a raise of .30 cents an hour. I have worked for the school system for 16 years now and hope one day to work my way up to a living wage. They do not pay very well where I live. Fortunately my husband has a pretty good job. We managed to put two kids through college and they are both working.

I enjoy reading, watching the few shows on TV I consider decent (such as CSI) and lurking in the Free Republic site when I have the time. My husband and I hope to retire someday and move to the beach somewhere. I also really love crocheting and making blankets for friends and relatives.

In addition to a son and daughter we also have a very spoiled cat who needs constant attention. I spend much of my time trying to figure out which of his needs we have not met.