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"Stone's Alexander (Colin Farell) is an idealistic visionary who dreams of uniting the world, bringing freedom and Hellenic values to the barbarous East. He slaughters in order to liberate. Sound familiar? But the images that unavoidably arise of Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz in Iraq seem unintentional: Stone has no political agenda this time; he'd never equate those chicken hawks with the mighty warrior king who led his soldiers across Asia for eight years..." And so goes a quote from a Newsweek review of Oliver Stone's movie "Alexander" (November 30, 2004). This is today's MSM, and this is how they choose to review a movie - this a Newsweek staff reporter, it is not a political opinion columnist. Anyone who says that there isn't bias in the MSM is simply not being honest. They are liars intent on weakening this country and grabbing power. They are the majority of the Baby Boomers, and like a bad meal, we have to hope to pass them through our system before they kill us.

Given all of that, now ask yourself how come the bad half of the Baby Boomers have relatively so little influence in the United States, whereas they now seem to run the asylum in Canada and Western Europe (think about the laws criminalizing “offensive” speech, allowing gay and 3-some marriages, and policies that seem to almost assure the destruction of Western culture as it had been known for thousands of years)? Rather than give you the answer right away, read on, and you will come to it.

The two biggest stories of the early 21st century will clearly be the rise of China to superpower status, and the eradication of whites from Europe as it transforms into a Muslim continent (do a Google search with the words “Malmo” and “Muslim” and you’ll see the early stages). But the New York Times seems much more interested in the conditions at Club Gitmo, or whether women can join the Augusta National Golf Club.

Both of these stories (China and Europe) are at least as significant as World Wars 1 & 2 were in the last century, but do you see them being reported? Other than Fox, which did some excellent reporting on Malmo, there is virtually no reporting taking place on these topics (and now even Fox has been silenced, as a Saudi prince purchased a big stake in the company). In Europe, noting the coming Muslim takeover is now, in some countries, a hate crime. It is truly frightening to see this country in the same trance as it was in the 1930s, all giddy about the future, while the world around them was unraveling in a way never seen.

A few other tidbits …

Did you know that in the summer of 1991, 2500 people were arrested, in what was and still is the largest number of people arrested for a single reason, in a single place, since at least the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movement. Do you know why they were arrested - sometimes several hundred in a single day? Did you know, at the same time as these arrests were being made, many more arrests were being made in Los Angeles, and these protesters were often getting bones broken in the process by the police?

On the other hand, when you have 6 leftists huddled under a bridge holding up signs protesting the decommissioning of the Battleship New Jersey, as happened over Christmas holidays in 1982, they are shown front and center on the evening news.

The Mainstream Media, on occasion, will totally black-out major, huge, stories, while always elevating the stories. It is my job to point these out.

By the way, the 2500 people arrested were in Wichita, Kansas, protesting, in large part, a doctor who made a habit of performing 3rd trimester abortions, for any reason. Obviously the last thing the media wanted to do was give publicity to the protesters. At the time, the Los Angeles times ran 2-paragraph AP bites noting that 200 people were arrested 'yesterday' in abortion protests. That's a lot of people to be arrested in one day, but not a single picture in the MSM outside of Wichita.

Kosovo, or, as former President Clinton called it, Kasava. This is one of the most successful media manipulations of all time, bar none. If you step back for a moment and really look at what happened, you had a country, Serbia, that never posed a threat to anyone, just trying to maintain its territorial integrity, and for that they were nearly bombed off of the map.
In Kosovo, you had a territory decide that it no longer liked being part of the larger country, and then violently breakaway. Kosovo was always a part of Serbia, and yes its demographics had changed, from roughly 50% Muslim after World War 2 to 90% Muslim just before their breakaway war (and probably about 98% Muslim now). So, for the 2,645,975th time, Muslims decided that they cannot live under a non-Muslim government and start a civil war by attacking Serb authority (such as police stations)…and the Serbs fought back, trying to hold their country together…and what does the US ultimately do, do we support Serbia in its attempt to keep its country unified? Heck no, first we try to bomb the Serbs into submission in Kosovo, and when that doesn’t work we start attacking civilian targets, like bridges and power stations in the Serb capital of Belgrade, hundreds of miles from Kosovo. In a country with a functioning media, that would be called a war crime – the idea of attacking a country who’s troops and policies never left its own borders, and never posed a threat to its neighbors or anyone else (for you military supporters, me included, I fully understand that when the Commander in Chief gives an order that has Congressional and NATO backing, our soldiers cannot be expected to disobey – I’m pointing out the media’s complicity here), and it certainly fit every leftist definition of imperialism that I am familiar with. But with today’s MSM, it matters more who’s side your on, rather than what you do, it is ok to bomb civilian targets into submission, as long as those civilians are Christians to hold of Muslims.

Now back to my question. And the answer is…the Religious Right. No other Western country has anything approaching it. You may not like them trying to drag you into church every Sunday (I certainly didn’t appreciate it either), but they have been able to, so far, neutralize the same mob that is almost certain to destroy Western Europe and Canada. The work the grass roots, bring out the votes, and have kept this country in much better shape than the others. So be thankful for them. If you’re a typical member of this site, you owe them big-time. If you are one yourself, I can only give you my warmest, heartfelt, thanks. This country has problems, but it would be destroyed in less than a generation if not for the Religious Right.