Since Nov 12, 2000

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I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1971 raised to be proud of my Texan roots. I am of mixed Hispanic and native American ancestory. I say Hispanic but it isn´t Mexican as it is Shepardic Jew and Spaniard and some other Latin roots. I do speak both English and Spanish and some Cherokee. My culture is Hispanic and American and I moved to Georgia about 8 years ago after 9-11 and then to Honduras about two years ago permenently. My husband was born in Honduras and became a naturalized US citizen in January 2007.
I keep a blog about my life in Honduras and politics you are all welcome to read and comment on it or even add stories from there to here.
My first vote was for Ross Perot as a young voter. Yes, I was duped. My second vote was for George Bush and I voted TWICE for him...and wish I could have voted a third time...and made the horrible mistake of voting for Obama..but I am recovering from once again being duped.