Since Jun 22, 2004

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Howdy. I am living in Denton Texas, currently going to school full time at UNT, and trying to get my Bachelors in History minor in Business. Was in the Army 95-99, got to spend a year with the 2ID at Camp Casey Korea. And spent the rest of my time with Task Force 1-1 at Ft Bliss Texas. Including an all expense paid 6 month vacation to Saudi Arabia.

The 2nd Amendment is real important to me. I am a gun collector, and I am waiting for the assault weapons ban to sunset in Sept 2004. 9-11 was a wake up call for me, even though I had conservative leanings while I was in the army. I have never voted, but that will change in 2004.

While, I am waiting for the AWB to sunset, I am dreaming of buying myself a modified Krinkov with folding stock, possibly chambered in .223 Having started collecting guns during the AWB, I am really looking forward to its sunset. .