Since Mar 27, 2003

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I joined FR at the young, tender age of 13. I'm no longer a minor, but I decided to keep the screen name minor49er anyway. I went to Virginia Tech and got my Electrical Engineering degree through Navy ROTC. Commissioned on Dec 21, 2012 (ironically, the day the world was supposed to end). Finished the nuclear training pipeline, currently kicking it out and about in the submarine fleet. Fortunately not on the USS Wyoming (too soon?).

I went to a private grade school, but graduated from a public high school. I am now determined that my kids (I hope to have a large family) will never ever set foot in a public school.

I'm also fervently anti-abortion. How is it that a man can be charged with double homicide if he kills a pregnant woman, but if the woman kills the baby it's "her right to choose"?

God Bless America, our President, and our troops