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SETI and Intelligent Design

Churches urged to back evolution (Vicomte13's ID - Catholic version - post #530)

Churches urged to back evolution: See Vicomte13 post 464

++++++Master List to E-Mail Media Contacts++++++

A War to Be Proud Of - [Christopher Hitchens at his best]

Aiding and Abetting the Enemy: the Media in Iraq

An idea that provoked, but didn't deliver [by Kenneth R. Miller]

An Interview with Christopher Hitchens: Adieu to the Left

CIA gives grim warning on European prospects

Conclusions From Uncounted Creation/Evolution Debates

Conservatives need Charles Darwin -- post 68

Darwin's Pope

Designed to deceive: Creation can't hold up to rigors of science

Discovery's Creation [The rise & fall of the Discovery Institute]

Doubting Darwin

Dover and the scientific landscape

Drink like the French and stay alive

Eden and Evolution

Evidence for Universe Expansion Found

Evolution debate enters ‘round two' (Proposal in Kansas: Change the definition of 'Science')

Faith in Theory (Great article by great conservative)

Five critiques of Intelligent Design

Freeper Only Poll. Do you believe in Evolution or Creation?

God of Our Fathers

Guantanamo translator describes how female interrogators used sexual tactics to weaken Muslim...

Hollywood's misunderstood terroristsBy Victor Davis Hanson

How the Anti-Evolution Debate Has Evolved

Index to Creationist Claims - Post 68

INVITATION TO A STONING [Rushdoony ties to D. James Kennedy - should Moore be in this list?]

Is Intelligent Design a Bad Scientific Theory or a Non-Scientific Theory?

It's that time again, posting refresher course.

Langa: A New Way To Slim Down Windows XP, Including SP2 (May interest Windows XP users)

Let's All Shop At Sears!!!

List of Gannett publications that cannot be posted to Free Republic per their copyright complaint

Michael Crichton: Fear and Complexity [State of Fear + Why Politicized Science is Dangerous]

Most Americans Agree with Evolution [new poll]

Most Annoying Liberal Pundit Contest Voting Begins - 4 Matches on Day 1 -Vote Today

Mothers Against Drunk DriversThem Mothers Is A Mess

Never Forget.

Now hear this: No personal attacks (0.00 / 0)

Paul Williams details 'American Hiroshima'

Posting refresher course - Please read

Rat-Squirrel Not Extinct After All (Scientists off 11 Million years) Post 167- admitted troll

Saddam's ties to 9/11? ~ "THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMB: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It Matters"1995

Science and Democracy: What Scientists Can’t Tell Us (see Ichy post #86)

Science Fiction (Leftists worry IDers are using Leftist tactics to win 'Intelligent Design fight)

Scientists find evolution of life (gore3000 banned)

Spiffy Firefox Extension allowing HTML WYSIWYG pop up editing of posts. (Enjoy Xinha Here)

Statement by the founder of Free Republic

Steve Fuller and the Hidden Agenda of Social Constructivism

Survival of the Evolution Debate: Why Darwin is still a lightning rod.

Symposium: The Terror War: How We Can Win

Teaching Science (Another Derbyshire Classic!)

The Evidence: Chronology of Attacks on the West

The Left’s Intelligent Design Problem by Max Borders

The Non-Fiction 100: The 100 Best Non-Fiction Books Of The (20th) Century (National Review)

The real problem of drunken driving

The Wedge Document - Is ID science or religion?

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Washed Away By the Preference Cascade?

When Real Judicial Conservatives Attack [Dover ID opinion]

Where It's 9-11 All the Time...

You all need to read this