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A Dream A Lot Like Mine (abortion regret/forgiveness)

A Generator Thread for Preppers

Abortion opponent, cop differ on incident at clinic at Aurora

Akin Controversy Isn't About Abortion

Beating Obama and BP: My "beaded" letter for Bobby Jindal

Benedict XVI's Final General Audience

BLOY: Pope Francis Warns Church Could Become 'Compassionate NGO'

Book: Sandusky report terms incomprehensible to Paterno

Border Collie: The smartest breed on the planet? [video]

Brian Kopp...DHS's curiosity piqued over Pope Benedict XVI's retirement and Catholic Prophecy

Bringing Harry Potter's World to Life

CAMERAS: Freeper Recommendations on Starter Digital SLR Cameras

Catholic Conversion Stories [vanity]

CHILI: Ok how about we have a Chili Recipe thread(good after-the-snowstorm stuff)...

CONFESSION: Mercy and Confession: 10 Tips on How to Confess Well [Catholic Caucus]

Dolan: ChurchMilitantTV Special Report : Dolan & the Dolanites

Ebola Surveillance Thread

Ebola Surveillance Thread

END TIMES: The Kraken Unleashed: Are We Ready to Fight the Beast?

END TIMES: The Kraken Unleashed: Are We Ready to Fight the Beast?

Father Corapi: This Thanksgiving, Give Thanks For What You Have [blurry screen alert]

Frankincense: Could it be a cure for cancer?

GARDEN: Composting from greeneyes VOLUME 38 SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

Garden: Includes Mercola link to soil improvement; also lily/camera info too AUGUST 7, 2013

GARDEN: walking onion information at post #315

GARDENING: Source at 137 on walking onions...

Gay Marriage and the End of Christian Civilization

Get clean (i-confess video contest) [CATHOLIC CAUCUS]

GINGER COOKIE RECIPE: Book co-published by Vatican teaches Catholics to pray with Bible

Give it all to Mary [Catholic Caucus]

Harry Potter is Dangerous for Both You and Your Children

HEALTH: New Magnesium Discovery: Anti-inflammatory benefits

HEALTH: Thalidomide teams-up with turmeric to kill myeloma cells

HEALTH: Vanity Post, question about Alzheimer’s patients

HEALTH: WARREN BUFFETT: 'I don't see smiles on the faces of people at Whole Foods'

I Love that Woman! My Unworthy Reflections on The Immaculate Conception

Jindal Calls For Day Of Prayer Sunday

Michael D. O'Brien on EWTN [on Harry Potter, etc.]

OBAMA: Video of Wednesday's Impeach Obama overpass protest in the Chicago burbs.

Papabile of the Day: The Men Who Could Be Pope - Cardinal Luis Tagle

Pope Francis, "If Mary is not your Mother, you are an orphan!"

POPE Using tournament brackets to pick the next Pope

Pray Unceasingly: Perpetual Adoration as a Necessary Antidote to Abortion

Romney says Ryan won't oppose abortion in rape cases (Romney supports both rape & incest abortion)

Scott Brown - a “moderate” child-killer?

Some flooding in Chicago area

Still an Abomination

Swimming in chlorinated pools can lead to cancer: study


The Catholic Church Is Not Attractive

The Mike Wallace Interview - Margaret Sanger 9/21/57

The pill and 50 years of misery [the pill kills!]

The Spiritual Toll of Pervasive Occultism

We Don't Believe You, Mr. President [Fr. Euteneuer "on fire"]

What are Possession and Obsession by the Devil? [Catholic Caucus]

What really happened to exorcist Euteneuer?

Will Father Thomas Euteneuer's "Demonic Abortion" end abortion or Euteneuer?

Woodward: Very Senior Obama White House Official Threatened Me Over Sequester Reporting

[CATHOLIC CAUCUS] Exorcisms and Abuses

[CATHOLIC CAUCUS] Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

[CATHOLIC CAUCUS] Oil Spill: Are we being punished for abortion? [graphic photos!]


[CATHOLIC CAUCUS] The 3:30 Beads!

[CATHOLIC CAUCUS] The Assumption of Mary [from Hallowed Ground}

[CATHOLIC CAUCUS] The Pope of a Eucharistic Springtime


[DEVOTIONAL] The 3:30 Beads!

[PRAYER] Discernment of Harry Potter and Twilight for the sake of our children