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Since Aug 9, 2003

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"When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8)

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"When you have once tasted flight,
You will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned upward,
For there you have been,
And there you will always long to return."
-Leonardo da Vinci

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The Bluebonnet Boyz, Ripken and Buck

"What's Wrong With Being Liberal? Everything. To be a liberal one must believe that weakness and failure are virtues, strength and success must be punished, and cap it all off with an irredeemable sense of smug self-righteousness." MadIvan

"I am the first person I ever heard to use the term 'Common Sense Conservative.' Unlike the overused term 'compassionate,' which is important but too PC for me, I think Common Sense is a better approach to things. Some times, compassion is the right thing. Other times, stomping someone into the ground is the right thing. It all depends on who you are talking about." Paloma_55

"Liberals: no lead paint; no asbestos; only enviroment friendly products; no suv's; NO GUNS; destroy big business, etc. However, permissive attitude [allowed] toward any sexual proclivity. If it leads to pregnancy, AIDS, or other STD? No matter... What's a little drug use? It's those environmental factors, don't you know? Do you know what kind of home he was raised in? It's his conservative father's fault. If only he'd been more understanding. The homosexual community knows full well what action to take to stop this virus from spreading and they thumb their noses at us and take little, if any, preventive measures. It's almost as if they think it is now curable. As a result, now we have drug resistant HIV which will kill not only those who are drug-users or homosexuals, but anyone else who is unfortunate enough to be infected by these people. Their actions can almost be considered murderous. The rage these people possess is unbelieveable; to call them 'gay' is such a joke. Yet the liberals will defend their right to create even more killer viruses..." NYCRebublican