Since Nov 16, 2001

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Just a short note for those that would like an idea about the type of person I am. I am a person that believes in good manners and respect for those we do not know, you tend to make more friends that way. Superiority in grammer and spelling does not impress me, folks that dwell on or insult a person over these are not worth wasting time on. When I am insulted by these people they show that they never were taught manners or they are children that have never been taught manners or good behavior of any kind, they are above "no one". I am sorry to discover that most of these high and mighty ingrates are adults that think their insults are cute. My grandmothers advice: God Bless her, she was right! "Good manners and Respect are Free, they cost nothing dear. Take yourself a whole lifetime of them for they will get you far. But I am afraid you will come across many that cannot afford them, young or old, the cost is too high."