Since Feb 26, 1999

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Email me through FreeRepublic if you need to. Been a lurker since 1998, got registered in Feb. 1999. This place helped me get through the Clinton shame and the cliffhanger election. There are some great Americans here, and some funny ones too!

Update 2007 - Haven't been on this page in awhile, I just fixed a typo from 2000!

Update 2012 - OK so I don't get here much. Have graduated from Rush to Mark Levin almost 2 years now this March. Listen to his daily podcast and read all his books. Reading Ameritopia right now. He is a great American and teacher.

OK It's 2015 time for a few updates. You can't beat FR for news, activism and merciful humor. How else could we get through this? The weekly gardening thread is a favorite and I am prepping to put up just a few pictures here. Mark Levin has written 2 books since I posted here last. Looking forward to the new one. Between his daily podcast and all the news I get here I feel like I am covered. I also click on all prayer request threads and I pray!

June 29, 20015 I can't believe I am living through 2 of the worst supreme court decisions ever, Roe V Wade and gay marriage. Not to mention the obamacare rulings. May God be merciful on our republic! Mark Levin's daily podcast and his books - new one out Aug. 4 - have kept me informed and inspired me. These are dark days for sure.

Update October 9, 2016 - What a weird election. Gearing up for the 2nd presidential debate tonight. The hypocrisy from the left and from some on the right (RINOs)is unbelievable. I blame a lot of it on the dumbing down of America through the education system. Been doing lots of praying for our nation. Always grateful that FreeRepublic is here.