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"Muslim is a Religion of Peace"

"The List", Obama's One Hundred and Fifty-Seventh Week in Office

**RIFLE VANITY** Long-Distance Shooting and Hunting

10th Annual TexasCowboy Memorial Shoot - Planning Thread


2016 Sandbox

25 Statist Propaganda Phrases (And How To Rebut Them)

31 Phrases That Only People In The Military Will Understand

31 Rolls of Undeveloped Film from a Soldier in WWII

9/11's secret 28-page history

90% of abducted Nigerian schoolgirls are Christians; jihadists released Muslim girls

Alabama Governor Signs Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

America 'discovered by Stone Age hunters from Europe'

Anjem Choudary Is Right: People Should Know the Consequences (Not what you think)

Archaeologists looking for Stonehenge origins 'are digging in wrong place'

Are Carbohydrates Just Sugar by Another Name?

Armed 64-year-old woman says to suspect "I will shoot you!"

Backing Up Computer.

Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims (Uh-oh)

Body Blow To German Global Warming Movement! Major Media Outlets Unload On “CO2 Lies!”

Boycott Liberals companies


Breitbart - One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened (Bookmark This)

Britain Set for Five Month Arctic Freeze as 2015 Winter Chill Sets In

British Islamist launches anti-Hindu Shariah4India group

Bye, Bye Beringia (8,000 Year Old Site In Florida)

Calico: A 200,000-year Old Site In The Americas?

Caliph-in-Chief Obama Set to Release Taliban/Al Qaeda leaders at GITMO

Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets; ISIS Militant ...Omar Khabir...

CARTOON: The Dawkins Delusion

Charge of the Metro brigade: Did Microsoft execs plan to take a hit?

Dare Anyone Call it Treason?

Democrat Says Drop Benghazi Investigation [semi-satire]

Ebola Surveillance Thread


Explosion, shootout reported in Paris (Just Breaking)

Exposing The First Birther [Who was the first person to say that Obama was born in Kenya?]

F-15 Strike Eagles Over Saudi Arabia: Then And Now

Falling Stars, Damnable Heresy, and the Spirit of Evolution

Fat is GOOD for you! New research says cheese and cream to PREVENT diabetes and heart risk

Fifth Edition of the Lexicon of FreeRepublic * * A helpful FR dictionary for newcomers * *

Film Biographer in Awe of Obama

FReeper Canteen ~ Sunday Chapel ~ EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS ~ 10 August 2014

From Rome to Christ

Global Warming closes 6 power plants

Goofy David Cameron at Obama Campaign Stops While Completely Ignoring American Conservative Leaders

Google robot is 'the end of manual labor': VC

Grey-Haired Brigade

Guns&Ammo Review: Arsenal Firearms Introduces Double Barrel Pistol (.45cal)

Harrison Ford hits out at global inaction on climate change, warns of 'disastrous'(T)

Helen Thomas: "Candidates Collide" [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES]

Here are 680 well sourced examples of Obama's lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

Homeland Security Given Green Light to Monitor American Journalists

How the Left's "Bush Lied" Propaganda Damaged Our Ability to Fight Islamists


HTML SandBox 2013

HTML Sandbox 2015

I have been in Europe for 5 months now and unlike the US, you can buy food everywhere!

I made the Local Omaha News tonight!

If Your BS Detector Isn't Shrieking, It's Broken

iOS 10: All the new features, tips and guides - Bookmark this guide to everything new in iOS 10.

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States

ISIS is controlled by Russia

ISIS Upset with Obama, Kerry, ‘Heretics’ for ‘Slogan’ That Islam Is Religion of Peace

Justice Scalia Dies At Ranch Resort Owned By Democrat Party Donor & Obama Award Winner

Life is a Gift

Live Thread: Egypt Revolution 2.1 The Ikwhan Strikes Back: Deadly "Day of Rejection"

Lockheed could accommodate UK reversal on F-35 variant

Meditation on the Wisdom of Sheep

Mexican Grand Warlock predicts Obama loss in 2012

Millennium Falcon drone is the coolest hunk of junk in our galaxy

Musings from the Holy Spirit

Muslim Children in America are Being Taught to Hate

Muslims attack Australian war grave(video)

Muslims to conquer the heart and soul of Europe

Need Help From Freeper Females (vanity)

New dating puts cave art in the age of Neanderthals

Newbie to Free Republic

North Texas woman cancer-free after out-of-the-box therapy (vitamin been mentioned here many times)

Novel Swine Flu Virus Now Reported in 5 States, Says CDC

Obama Administration Reportedly Plans to Create Internet ID for All Americans

Obama to Catholic Church: “To Hell with You.”

Obama: Jesus would tax the rich

Panel: Finding climate fingerprints in wild weather is valid

PAPER: Global warming ended 15 years ago; 'mini-ice age' next...

Pigeons Sitting on Stacked Containers Blasted by Tomahawk Missile

Pilot deploys airplane's parachute and ditches airplane

Plane Crashes into World Trade Center

Pope: Other Christian Denominations Not True Churches

Questions for "Bible Christians" that they can't answer - Part 2

Receiving Anglicanism

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Romeward Bound: Evaluating Why Protestants Convert to Catholicism

Satan Weakens The Nations...Refugee crisis pt 4

Scientist: Evolution debate will soon be history

Scientists illuminate the ancient history of circumarctic peoples

Senator Rand Paul Discusses Potential For Clinton Indictment Based on WikiLeaks Claim

Sharia Compliancy Forced on Citizens in Britain, Comply or Be Prosecuted

Shock: All But 2 Public Mass Shootings Since 1950 Have Occurred in “Gun-Free Zones”

Skydiver Has Visions of Afterlife Following Fiery Plane Crash


Story of the A 10 Warthog and why the F 35 will never be as loved

Sweeping UK spy bill dubbed 'snoopers' charter' becomes law

Teen girl doused, burned alive in Mississippi

The Day Obama’s Presidency Died

The Granola Gestapo

The Islamists’ fires When will the West wake up?

The List: Obama's Three Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Week in Office

The Michael Berry Show thread

The Numbers Are in: Black Lives Matter Is Wrong about Police

The Origins of Political Correctness

The OSCE: Yet Another Avenue for Islamists to Control Speech

The Pakistani-Peruvian Axis

The Real Agenda Behind the CIA Spawning the EU

The Red Horse Is Riding...Rev 4-6 pt 12

The Truth About The Crusades (Vanity)

To Those of Us Born 1925 - 1970

UAH global temperature anomaly goes negative UAH global temperature anomaly goes negative

Understanding Obama's Obsession with Muslim Grievance



Vanity: Genesis As Science, Chapter 1

What Bobby Jindal Gets about Islam — and Most People Still Don't

What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....?

What if Whites Were the Minority?

Why are Americans so stunningly ignorant?

Why Barack Obama listed his birthplace as Kenya

Why don't Americans ride trains?

Why is Christmas a Nighttime Event?

Wikileaks - The Podesta Soros progressive Strategy revealed

Worst Book of the Year [TNR - The Answers, on "The Atheist's Guide to Reality"]