Since Mar 27, 2008

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Just another kafir against sharia law, and jihad. Politically incorrect, hated by the far left and thankful for it. More of an Independant than a Republican with Conservative ideas.


I have an extreme distrust for all politicians be they Republicans or Democrats. I openly, and without prejudice criticize any and all policies I disagree with regaurdless of the political party. I don’t tote the “Party line”. I’m voting for the McCain / Palin ticket. I don’t like “Bots” in any party. I’m highly good looking after 3 shots of Jack Daniels. After 4 shots, I’m a deity. ;)
I do not believe Islam is a religion of “Peace”. I hate Muslim Terrorists, and wish them off the planet. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but 99 percent of terrorists are Muslims. It’s not about race, it’s about an ideaology.