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(July 2007) Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien confronts Hillary ("unscripted" Broaddrick rape question)

01/ 08 Democratic Fundraiser Norman Hsu Sentenced to 3 Years in Calif. Fraud Case

08 Clinton adviser arrested in Nashua (Sid Blumenthal)

08 The Clinton Cow in the China Shop - Part 1

08 FLASHBACK: Senate Investigation into the Clinton-Johnny Huang Cash Connection - 1996 Elections

102 Minutes: Fighting to Live as the Towers Died

4 myths about global warming

A HILLARY! UNCENSORED: threat letter to DFU update

A perfect storm for gold as mines left empty

A Sensible Immigration Strategy: Itís important to look at what a president can and canít do.

A Sensible Immigration Strategy: Itís important to look at what a president can and canít do.

A Watershed Moment on Immigration (Good analysis)


aaa 08 Exposing Hillary's Illegalities In Los Angeles Court To Begin Feb. 21! (status conference)

Adm. Moorer: Clinton Policies Led to Disaster

AG Researching Laws on Admitting Illegals to Colleges

Al Gore: Obama's Arctic Drilling Plan 'Is Insane'

Barack and Valerieís Great Communist Party Marriage

Barack Obama: The Dismantling of America: A White Paper

Barack Obama: The Dismantling of America: A White Paper

Cantor Calls on Webb to Stop Religious Attacks and Focus on Issues

China practices sinking U.S. carriers

China ready to deploy its first mobile ICBMs

China: Pictures of DF-25 Missile Revealed For the first time (3-warhead MIRV medium range)

Chinagate: The Movie

CIA uncovers missile moves by China

Clinton Camp Angry at Rumours of Lesbian Affair with Aide

Clinton on Skis: 'I Would Just Go Straight Down'

Clinton's new 'bagman'

CLINTON'S SPYGATE, by David H. Hackworth

Clinton's Still Haunted By FBI Files Scandal

Clinton's Still Haunted By FBI Files Scandal....(repost)

Clintons' Chinese Connections (Vanity - Image)

CO2 driven global warming is not supported by the data

Democratic Fundraiser Norman Hsu Indicted on Federal Fraud Charges (Hillary Fundraiser)

Democrats Are Fined $243,000 for Fund-Raising Violations (People's Republic of China and Clinton)

DUBOB 10- the *best of* the Dark Underbelly Series

Fence's Presence Felt

Firm markets 'Clinton', 'Lewinsky' condoms(The clinton legacy found)

Fred to Hillary: Didn't you learn anything from Charlie Trie?

Freepers Picket Code Pink 'Transients'

Gold and Economic Freedom

HAL9000 - Links to news sources

Halloween at Code Pink's Anti-American, Illegal, Commercial Enterprise 10-31-07, Week 4


Hillary Clinton- archives, comments, and opposition research

HILLARY! UNCENSORED: Peter Paul scheduled for FOX News with Eric Shawn - Sunday, 11:20am Eastern

Hillary's Bagman's Patron

Hillary's Secret Service Blocking Tough Questions: Bureau Chief

HILLARY'S TRIPLE PLAY (the clinton putsch + filegate + the gorelick wall)

How ChinaGate Led to 9/11

How Hillary Played Politics With 9/11

How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy


Illegal Aliens Have Already Elected The Next President Of The United States

Impeachment of Federal Judges

Iran buys 100 Russian refueling aircraft for its air force to reach any point in the Mid East

Israel Needs A Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran

New Fear Leads Both Legal, Illegal Latinos To Leave Pr. William Co. (VA)

New film feature's Hillary's 'crimes on tape' ("Hillary Uncensored")

Norman HSU, Hillary Fundraiser--INDICTED

Obama, Alinsky, and Scapegoats

Obamaís Valerie Jarrett: Often Whispered about, But Never Challenged

PAUL v CLINTON: Here are the players in the political drama of 2008 (plus an update in the case)

PETER PAUL AND HILLARY: As court date nears, this timeline will make it understandable to the MSM

PETER PAUL v CLINTON, et al witness list -- this is going to be a mega event!

Photo of Hillary Clinton with Ng Lap Seng, International Prostitution Boss!

Privacy rights upheld for illegal immigrants

Prosecutors: No Dice on Berger Deal

Rabbi: Liberals Should Repudiate Hillary

Reinventing Hillary Clinton

Rep. ROHRABACHER (1999) -- How the Clinton Administration brought the Taliban to power

Report: Democrats Demanded Release of Protester Who Assaulted Sec. Rice

Report: Washington concerned Israel gearing up to attack Iran

Romney Pans ``Hillary's House of Horrors''

Russian 'Rocket' Torpedo Arms Chinese Subs

Schippers Exposes Impeachment Debacle

Schippers: 'I Wanted Broaddrick to Testify' (at Impeachment Trial)

Schippers: Clinton Witnesses Were Intimidated with Physical Threats

Schippers: On Morality and Honor in Government

SEC Investigates Co. with Clinton Links (Another Hsu dropping?)

Senate Candidate Criticized For Disparaging Opponent's Religion (Webb calls Jew the "Anti-Christ")

Setting the Record Straight on Chinagate

SHIPPERS SPEAKS .... (via logos "Proof of Betrayal in the Senate")

Shipwreck Found Off North Carolina, Possibly From Late 1700s

The Dark Secret at the Heart of Liberalism

The Dark Underbelly of the Beast- Stories the Media won't Discuss...

The Global Warming Hoax

The Gorelick Rosetta Stone

The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave

The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave

The Origins of Political Correctness

The Two Things To Know Before Your City is Nuked By Terrorists

Tom Puzzo: Fred Thompson is the best conservative and best candidate

Twin Falls, ID: Article tells us why you must demand answers BEFORE refugees begin arriving

U.S. report finds U.S. intel consistently wrong on China buildup

U.S.: China has not slowed missile tech exports to Middle East

UNPLEASANT SURPRISE: Chinese Missile Has Double the Range Thought by West

VINCE FOSTER - The Mirage of Suicide and The Reality of Murder

VINCE FOSTER - The Peripatetic Gun

VINCE FOSTER - Timeline of Events

Was The Israeli Strike Osirak II?


What the world can learn from Israel

Why Able Danger Was Scrapped (And Then Ignored by the 9/11 Commission): The China Connection

Why all illegals are thieves


Woman in Clinton affair gets $90,000

Women in the Clinton Era: Abuse,Intimidation and Smears

World Trade Center

WorldNetDaily Exclusive: 'How Democrats steal elections'

Yellow cake Uranium Found in Iraq Scrap Metal