Since Dec 24, 2001

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Timothy Rollins - Beneath the Surface

Take a look at both my personal page and my professional web site, The American Partisan, where I am the Editor and Publisher, and Jennifer King (aka The Right Stuff) who is the Managing Editor, and you will get a better idea of who I am and what I'm about. There are 54 of us on board. We have a lot of fun making sure the right side of the story gets out.

With a potentially seismic election cycle in the works, there is always more than plenty of material with which to write about - the primaries, the upcoming conventions and of course, the knock-down, drag-out dirty fights between President Obama and the more conservative Republicans. Between the abomination of the Health Care Reform Act, or other socialist agenda items, as well as the rising movements of September 12th, Tea Party Movement and others, it is never a dull moment! Perhaps it was the wisdom I learned a long time ago - reinforced by recent events that led me to put into writing the ROLLINS' RULES ON POLITICS.


1. POLITICS IS WAR; there are no points for second place.

2. There is NO SUCH THING as a 'moral victory'; you either win or you lose. It's that simple.

3. NEVER FAIL be prepared to capitalize on an opponent's mistakes - and lastly;

4. Take no prisoners - KILL OR BE KILLED. It's either them or us, and it is IMPERATIVE that we prevail on Election Day.

Truer words never spoken - even though attribution cannot really be confirmed...