Since Mar 8, 2002

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Im a remarried, after a period of widowhood, Connecticut Conservative with two late teen kids, 2.7 cats, a mini-van, a paid for home and four Wayne Newton Albums. A Connecticut Conservative is a person who doesn't have the following in their home: Pictures of JFK, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Jimmy Carter, or B. Husain Obama, but we do have a paintings of Trotsky hidden in our sock drawers; We don't belong to Greenpeace, Democratic Undeground or PETA, but do give to the United Catholic Charities. In other words, in most of the country, we'd be considered Communists, or at very least, new left extreamists.

Remember, Amateur Radio is, Diverse, Distributed, Privately Funded, and an American resource.

Liberal Psychosis: "Don't force me to make any tough decisions -- you make them for me, and I'll second guess you if there are any consequences that I find troubling."