Since Sep 16, 2001

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There's nothing special about me.
Here's my stats and interests:

Born Sept. 17, 1954 Baltimore Maryland
Served in the USAF 1972-1975
Loadmaster on C-130A and C-141A models
Retired Dept. of Army
Environmental Protection Specialist/Installation Pest Management Coordinator
Responsible for vector borne disease threats, pesticide use and environmental compliance on a major army installation in the mid-atlantic area.
Currently doing environmental consulting back to the DoD.
Married for 20 years with no children.

Boating. I have a 22' Triumph Center Console and enjoy boating with my wife, fishing and crabbing in the waters of the Treasure Coast of FL.

Hunting. I enjoy waterfowl hunting, upland game and deer hunting. I have a variety of firearms.

Music. I've played guitar in various bands Pretty much dig the music of the Stones, Zep, Petty, Allman Bros., Skynaryd, Seeger, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, SRV, Black Crows, etc. I play a Les Paul, SG and Tele.

I've been a conserative my entire adult life. I believe the less government intrudes into the lives of people the better our quality of life will be.