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"The Enemy has Friends Within Our Borders"

(My Title) Religion of Peace? Mr. President you must be kidding

***George W. Bush: Master Politician and Great American***

7 black students beat white student; "There was no obvious motive"

A "Larry Klayman Political Press World"

After-Action Report: IAC Meeting, Manhattan


AMERICA - The Right Way!! (Day 315) [Remember the Trade Center!!!]

AMERICA - The Right Way!! (Day 317) [Remember the Trade Center!!!]

BC High student beaten, robbed in racial brawl - (Hate Crime Anyone?)

Black Bigotry/White Racism

Black customers file $100 million civil rights lawsuit against Cracker Barrel restaurants

Blacks best to see who posts

Blacks-on-blacks poll is a healthy project

Blowback && Penetrating Al-Qaeda

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Chatting on the Net and broken-up marriages

Children pay the price of gender feminism war (GREAT READ!)

CNN: Clinton & Reno's FBI warned 6 Years Ago of Plans To HIT Pentagon With Airplane!

Collusion Memos

Do You Have Enough Fun In Your Life?

Federal Fish Rules Hook Other Fauna (re: Oregon’s Klamath Basin, the Endangered Species Act )

Feds Give Klamath Leader 72 Hours To Get To Court

Fifteen signs You're married to a Right Winger (formerly liberal)

For some, Bret Schundler isn't yet one of the (NJ GOP) family

FReeoples // Thread 264

Great Mistakes and Great Men

HTML Sandbox

Hughs Enron Article

I have a Nightmare.

I want to build my own MAN what's the best???? (vanity)

I'm Not A Traitor: Black and Republican

Is Love Colorblind?(for the next time you wanna act stupid)

Jane's Report on Osama and The Qaeda

Lists and Information on Anti-war Protests (MEGA-BARF)

Lists and Information on Anti-war Protests IAC REFERENCE POINT


My Confrontation With Jesse Jackson In His Lion’s Den

Negroes with Guns

Notre Dame Urged to Hired Black Coach (Jesse Jackson Barf Alert)

Ok, Freepers. What should I do now?

Oregon Tyranny Playing Out In Montana

Peace groups find anti-war message is hard to sell

Removed from hotel for taking pictures/video taping

Republican Strategic Analysis, The Battleground 2002 First 100 Days Poll April 22-24, 2001

Saddam Apologist,50

September 29 [Thread II]

Space Imaging's Top 10 images for 2001

Survey finds 10 partners before marriage 'normal'(December01)

Tantric Orgasms For Peace (gag)

Terrorism Chic


The kind of man I wish I married...

The Libertarian Lobe

The marginilization of whites in society (Dan Issel, Cracker Barrel, Toyota

The package

Update to "Any other Freepers with Heart trouble?"