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Saddam's Terror Training Camps

"Saddam's Fingerprints on N.Y. Bombings" (Wall Street Journal, June 1993)

25 More Hard Truths About Liberals

A History of Palin Accomplishments: Part 1, Wasilla City Council 1992 – 1996

A History of Palin Accomplishments: Part 2, Wasilla Mayor 1996 – 2002

A History of Palin, Part 3: Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 2003 – 2004

A primer on stock options, why the tax code is much of the problem, and what Rush missed yesterday

ABC NEWS Iraqi intelligence chief meet with bin Laden.


ACTIVISM 101 Review: We learned a lot! Read and discover how to take your activism to a new level!

Al Qaeda's Plans for an American Chaos

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

An Actual Photo Declaring the 4th Amendment DEAD. (RIP)

And now at 7:55pm EST, 5 minutes till the Iraq deadline : A Reagan quote.

Anger and Pride by Oriana Fallaci.. Her first essay about 9-11-2002 attack

Anti-Federalist Paper #9

Arabian Twilight

Arafat, Saddam, Hezb'allah & Bin Laden

Being anti-war means never having to say you're sorry

Bill Clinton Republicans

BILL, HILLARY, SAUL, AND MORAL RELATIVISM Saul Alinsky and the Lessons He Taught Bill and Hillary

BREAKING!!! - Weldon says records were ordered destroyed!! (Able Danger)

Bush Apologizes for Muslim Removal

Bush Seeks to Soothe Republican Worries on Budget

Chief government scientist: anthrax case was 'perfect crime'

Cleveland Rally for America draws an estimated crowd of 10,000!

Condi b*tch slaps Clarke on Fox'N Friends

CONDI VS. BUBBA . . .(Berger stolen papers revealed?)

Confessions of a Reactionary Utopian

Document: Oklahoma City Bombing Was Taped

DoD Statement on News Reports of al-Qaida and Iraq Connections

Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D

Evidence links Saddam to 9-11, Inhofe says

Fascism, corruption and my 'Democratic' Party: Why America may not survive a Kerry victory

Former FBI Agent Warns Swift Boat VetsGary Aldrich

FR EXCLUSIVE - Chuck Schumer's office won't accept any more illegally obtained GOP credit reports

FreeRepublic Smoker's Lounge

Fritz Hollings Connected Iraq To 9/11 [Who Woulda Thunk It]

Gore Book Sales Tank, Supporters Claim Unfair Tactics

GORELICK GATE: Developing...

Gotta Hear This [ENYA.mp3 - 3 Megabytes]

Governor Palin's Lincoln Day Dinner Keynote Address (Must See Video!)

Grief . . . and then resolve: Barbara Olson was one of freedom's warriors.

Here we stand: The real reason they hate America

Home gardening offers ways to trim grocery costs [Survival Today, an on going thread]

Home gardening offers ways to trim grocery costs [Survival Today, an on going thread]

How To Destroy Liberalism

HTML Bootcamp


Inflation, Deflation, and the Future

Iraq May Have Helped 1993 WTC Bomber

It's the demography, stupid ..... Mark Steyn

Jackass, The Documentary (Very funny; Weekly Standard skewers "Bowling for Columbine")

Lady(demo)caller on Quinn is miffed.(probably about saddam's capture)

LET'S BLAME RUSH!!! *HUMOR THREAD* Your Nominations For What ELSE Rush Is Responsible For!

Live Senate Floor Speech From Daschle(Blowhard alert) on CNN and CSpan2

Living the outlaw life: Freeing your inner outlaw

March 2001 Document: Saddam Regime Plans to Strike American Presence and Interests (Translation).

Mark Steyn; In praise of ‘Jesusland’

Mel Gibson and Thomas Aquinas: How the Passion Works

Mexico's Fox: Immigration Reform or he might oppose U.S. resolution on Iraq!

Money Market Safety Net Ending (guaranteed money fund deposits expires on Sept. 18, 2009)

N. Korea: Sister of Kim Jong-il Said To Be In Critical Condition After "A Traffic Accident"

New European Studies Show Homosexual Marriage Harms Marriage in General

Newt Gingrich on the Direction of the GOP

Ohio Freepers: the Tax Repeal Petition is Now Available!

Ohio GOP Pre-Challenges 35,000 Voters

OKC BOMBING FALLOUT:9-11 panel confronts Freeh on Iraq link

Operation Bojinka's bombshell

Owens pushes tobacco bailout

Political Choo Choo "Railroading" Hatfill?

Post-Freep Report. Hillary in Cleveland. One arrested.

RealClearPolitics Poll AverageSM (every poll listed)

Robert Bork: "The Soul of the Law"

Rudy Giuliani - Life Long Liberal (LARGE RESOURCE - Research Thread)

Rumsfeld-McCain feud grew after summer lunch

Saddam Knew 9/11 Was Coming and Colluded with OBL for a Decade

Saddam's Al Qaeda Connection

September 12 2001: Saddam Says 9/11 Was The Result of U.S Evil Against the World (Translation)

Sex Tips from Donald Rumsfeld

State sales taxes now can cut your IRS bill

Stripper has grenade put in her knickers

Tangled in Spyware:

Tape-Recorded Conversation between James Traficant and Richard Detor (Morford Corruption)

Terrorist Behind September 11 Strike was Trained by Saddam

The 76% Solution (Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan, King Hussein)


The Five Stages of Collapse

The Gathering Storm (Rick Santorum's new speech - MUST READ!!)

The Horowitz Maneuver: The Fifth Column

The Iraq Connection - Was Saddam involved in OK City and the 1st WTC bombing? ~ Micah Morrison

The Metamorphosis


The Rage of Oriana Fallaci

The Rage of Oriana Fallaci

The Saudi War on George Bush

The Shadow Party: Part I

The Ultimate Flame - (mildly offensive!)

Their Will Be Done [Robert Bork on O'Connor's replacement, constitutional law, and moral chaos]

Today - April 19, 2002

Tomorrow, when the mountains greet the Dawn

Traficant's Web Site Down with the Speed of Light

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Vote Fraud, Intimidation & Suppression in the 2004 Presidential Election(You need to read this!)

What Is a Dead Language Doing in the 21st Century?

What the loser RATS think of FReepers

What were the funniest FR threads of 2004?

Who Is Scott Ritter And Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things?</

WSJ Opinion Journal (Bashes Dean Blog - Angry Left are American's equivalent of Palestinians)

You asked for it, you got it: The Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Caucus members list