Since Nov 15, 2004

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Greetings All. I'm Robert Burnett and was born and raised in the then known and recorded land of Rhodesia, Central Africa. I was born during a period when circumstances in that part of the world were being manipulated to suit given or set agendas. Periods where 'The Winds of Change'for the white man started to blow a gale.

I lived right through the Federation days and into Ian Smith,the then Rhodesian Prime Minister declared and rightly in my view 'UDI' from the British Crown. I totally beleive we all select a given life period and expereinces precisely for a given pathway. We need to endure specific life lessons in a specific human life cycle. It was while still a boy of nine I expereinced my first so-called 'UFO' encounter. The impressions and reasons for this have stayed with me to this very day.

Zimbabwe as it is now known, has one of the highest recorded sightings of 'UFO's in the world. So in the not too distant future, reasons for this will emerge. I've recorded events in various forms to include the web-sites and also as an author for

After reluctantly leaving my beloved homeland of Rhodesia, then moved to South Africa for a ten year period. Ultimately and through changing climes, moved further afield to the United Kingdom to complete my works. My works highlight on where we all originate from as one source. Also what we all now face for having ruthlessly broken all natures laws. That we humans are not in control of our destination. What is now transpiring in the skies and alighned to earth's magnetic fields, is determining all our fate.

I formed the Nextage Spiritual Mission in the middle of 2004 specifically to carry vital messages of opening up the human conscious. To awaken to what really is going on. We have been hijacked by a ruthless mob so to speak who do not care about what happens to a majority or indeed a planet as a whole. We have been hijacked by those who have but one grand plan or to possess all at the expense of all. A time has arrived one way or the other.

Thanking you,

Robert W Burnett
Nextage Channel/Translator/Light Philosophy