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Gohmert says radical Muslims are training to ‘act like Hispanics’ to get into the U.S.

'Quit Google, Facebook' suggests tech expert as surveillance scandal deepens

(ClassicThread) Air Force imagery confirms Columbia wing damaged (Hugh!)

(ClassicThread) High rise fire in Downtown Chicago (vey series)

(ClassicThread) Unnngh..

(ClassicThread) Would like freeper help (Stuned Beeber)

(CommonCore): If Lies Don’t Work, Try Force to Shut Them Up: Our Duty to Civil Disobedience

(Constitution) Senate Panel OKs Measure Defining a Journalist

(Hastings) Mystery grows: Journalist died prepping Obama exposé

* "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis"

*Soviet Subversion of the Free Press (Ideological subversion, Destabilization, CRISIS - and the KGB)

12 questions the White House press corps could have asked Obama about Obamacare

20 Reasons Why It Should Be Donald Trump in 2016

Agenda 21 Action Thread

Air Force Fires Two Star General in Charge of Nuke Missiles

America in the Midst of a Coup d'Etat

An even creepier ‘Hail Satan’ clip of chants at the Texas statehouse


Audio: Rush Limbaugh credits Free Republic for starting Tea Party


Benghazi links- #39 - Marine commander (Col Bristol) says no stand-down order in Benghazi attack

Best MS-Office open-source alternative?

Bill Ayers confirms what Obama has denied

Bin Ladin's SON!

Boycott 1

BREAKING Glenn Beck Obama is going to get impeached!

Businesses struggle to keep up as gun sales skyrocket

Can the Weight of 90 Million Not in the Workforce Collapse the Economy? Yes, We Can

CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Virus

Collusion: See who’s tracking you – in real-time

Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies

Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies

Confirmed: (Racist) Left Wing Plant at Houston Pro-Zimmerman Rally is Far Left Activist

CPAC: Sheriff Joe's Lead Obama Identity Fraud Investigator Meets With High Ranking Officials

Cruz Will Renounce Canadian Citizenship […and so it begins…]

Did Abolitionist Hatred of the South Cause the Civil War?

Direct link for FR threads on 9-11-2001

Directive 11: Obama Secretly Backing MB (Gertz)

Directive 11: Obama's Secret Islamist Plan

Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard [post 47]

EDITORIAL: The Civil War of 2016: U.S. military officers are told to plan to fight Americans

Expert: Women Abuse as Often as Men

Fact Checker's Nightmare

Farewell to the Doctor of Freep

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords

Flashback: FBI Training Manual Purged References to Islamic Terror

Fleet Week Sunk By Budget Cuts [Concerts, Golf, Vacation for the Clown still taxpayer funded]

Glenn Greenwald: Low-Level NSA Analysts Have ‘Powerful and Invasive’ Search Tool

Google To Acquire YouTube for $1.65 Billion In Stock

Gun permit suspended over medication (NY)

Hacker found dead days before he was to demonstrate how to hack a pacemaker

Happy 10th Anniversary - Established September 23rd, 1996

How to housebreak and calm down a puppy--advice please!

Infamous hacker Barnaby Jack dies, one week before Black Hat convention

It wasn't just Skittles Trayvon was carrying

It’s Time to Draw the Line. Remember the Alamo!

Jailed for Facebook comments, Marine sues

Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots (Oct 2011 Still True Today?)

Judicial Watch: Defense Department Teaching Documents Suggest Conservative Views "Extremist"

Judicial Watch: Defense Department Teaching Documents Suggest Conservative Views "Extremist"

Just one more....HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW: The Zapruder Film and the Shot that Missed

Kremlin returns to typewriters to avoid computer leaks

Let's play a game called 'WHAT WOULD OBAMA HAVE TO DO TO GET IMPEACHED?'.. Your turn!! [Vanity]

LIVE HERE THEY COME: Video of 2 Million Bikers group on their way to DC

Message from a Time Traveler

Michael Hayden: "probable cause" is not in the 4th Amendment

Mysterious announcement from Truecrypt declares the project insecure and dead

Need advice on how to clean grease off an inside wall

need computer help

NSA Leaker “Outed” as Russian Agent

NSA Whistleblower Details How The NSA Has Spied On All US Citizens Since 9/11

Obama Inc. Blocking Access to AFRICOM Colonel with Benghazi Info

Obama to announce Tuesday he will regulate existing power plants as part of climate strategy

Oklahoma newspaper reporter arrested for 'taking upskirt pictures of teen girls' ... from tornado


Picture of Michelle visiting Saudi that is on terrorist list

President Photoshop?

Progressive Narcissism (David Horowitz)

Question: can someone explain to me the demographic switch of the solid south?

Replace smart quotes with regular straight quotes (Link)

Report: Foreign Gov't Asked FBI to Look at Boston Terror Suspect for 'Extremist Ties' in 2011

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you...

Russia: Hidden chips 'launch spam attacks from irons' (from China)

SEAL Parents Demand Obama Explain Why Their Son Was Allowed to Be Desecrated At His Memorial Service

Searching for the Original 9-11-2001 Thread

Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip

Senate overcomes filibuster, votes to open debate on gun bill

Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet

Soviet Acknowledged Obama One of Them

States Build Patient-Tracking Systems

Ted Cruz’s Father: My Son “Anointed” To “Take Control of Society”..

The 13 Books That Every Young Conservative Must Read

The Clinton White House Task List

The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

The Complete IRS Scandal Timeline in Spreadsheet Format

The Constitutional Meaning Of "Natural Born Citizen"

The Cyprus Cash Grab - Coming to America?

The List: Obama's Two Hundred and Thirty Fifth Week in Office [7/26/13]

The New Battle Lines: Elitists Vs. Us

The second operating system hiding in every mobile phone

The world’s Most Dangerous Search Engine

Tribute to a Conservative Activism Pioneer, Doctor Raoul

Trump Breaks Ten Million Attendees and YouTube Views of Rallies

Typewriters experience a comeback

Wanna Delete Yourself From The Internet?

What was your closest brush with death?

Who mailed live explosive to Sheriff Joe?

Why Snowden Asked Visitors in Hong Kong to Refrigerate Their Phones