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Was the Iraq War Worth It?

A letter from my cousin Elaine in Alaska

ABC News Edited Out Key Parts of Sarah Palin Interview

America hates Hillary Clinton and Co

Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing (Absolutely Incredible)

Bush Nets 739 From Contested Overseas Ballots; Dems Appeal to 11th Circuit


Capitol Feud: A 12-Year-Old Is the Fodder

Charlie Gibson's Gaffe (He doesn't know the Bush Doctrine)

Congressman Lying Again

CRU's Source Code: Climategate Uncovered

Daschle blocks bill on military voting

Dimple theory dealt new blow

EXCLUSIVE: New York Times ‘Killer Vet’ Story Exposed as Erroneous by Pro-Troop Group

Fallout of Obama’s Failure to Detect Underwear Bomber Grows

Fifteen Questions For People Who Say the GOP Should Become More Moderate

Full Text/Gore's Speech... With Lies Exposed

Guilty Party (ACORN, Obama, and the mortgage mess)

Hillary gets standing ovation at Rick Warren's summit'I saw a softer side of her'

Hillary Scares Me

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

I CHALLENGE YOU Inform Yourself on these Financial Matters! [Must see video!]

Interesting Data Just Received on Taxes [under Obama vs McCain]

IPCC Nobel winner calls IPCC report: "Dishonest Political Tampering with the Science..."

Is Bill Ayers Obama's ghostwriter?

Is This What We Want? (Behind the scenes from Rep Gohmert-unbelievable!)

KOS: My CongressWOMAN [Giffords] voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!

Legal Immigrants and "Anchor Babies" Weigh Down Obamacare

Listen to me (from an Airman in Iraq)

Memo to Paul Krugman and Rep. Van Hollen: My Search Was Not in Vain (Democrats' target maps)

Moore: You made a big mistake, America

MORE Gore Legal Tricks REVEALED!!

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews And Imminent Threat Claims About Iraq

My Letter to my Two Democratic Senators

Nation Divided: If You Want Peace, Prepare for War

New Protest Signs

News Media Blackout of Firing of Racist Obama Agriculture Appointee


Obama Faces The Smear Machine

Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Rev. Wright’s anti-Americanism

Palin Has Everything that Counts

Question: Anyone been able to disprove The Urban Legend view of General Giap

RECOVERED HISTORY - What various people said when Newt Gingrich got $4.5 million in a book deal

Revised & Updated! -- THE LEXICON OF FREEREPUBLIC -- (FR dictionary, more help for newcomers!)

Revised & Updated! -- THE LEXICON OF FREEREPUBLIC -- (FR dictionary, more help for newcomers!)

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky,

Shattering Conventional Wisdom About Saddam's WMD's--What top secret Iraqi files disclose.

Simple Facts: The Truth About “ObamaCare”, Dying and Health Care Rationing

The Blogger Who Nailed Van Jones

The Palin Effect: Her enemies are bellowing like a wounded moose [Must Read]

The reasons why I can't vote for Obama (vanity)

The Truth About Sarah's Ruby Slippers: There's No Place Like the White House

Vice President Biden Announces Finalized $535 Million Loan Guarantee for Solyndra [WHITEHOUSE.GOV]

Want to feel good about today? Read the best analysis of the 2008 polling/pundits sham!

Warming not behind hurricane activity-forecaster_( environazis cult will burn him on a stake)

WashPost Fact Checker Goes Deep on Judge's Decision regarding "An Inconvenient Truth"