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Lurker since 2001. Poster since 2005. Still Lurk more often than Post.
I'm a strict moralist
I’m definitely considered old-fashioned(labeled sexist by some, DUmmies naturally). I truly believe in morals(unlike some Rat-publicans who use morals to buy votes so they can score handouts for their country-club business buddies). So yeah, I guess you can say I'm one of those "Sky-is- Falling" types. Of course this being FR, I have been called a Taliban Conservative who is ruining the forum, the Conservative Movement, the nation, etc.
Yes I am an Islamaphobe or an Arabphobe or whatever you want to call me. And yes I am against the port deal. "Religion of Peace" my fanny!
To anyone planning a move to downstate New York: Don't! You will not meet a larger collection of rude and obnoxious people in all of God's creation. Around here personal responsibilty is dead. People walk around with an "I can do no wrong" attitude. The jerks rise to the top.

It's really sad that America's fastest growing city is one whose nickname is "Sin City."

I never realized there were so many Libertarians on FR:

I travel quite a bit in my line of work and you wouldn't believe the number of single women 18-25 years old who have kids. Add to that the >1.3Million babies killed via abortion, 52% of which are obtained by woman younger than 25 years old, and I wonder what is wrong with today's young people. And then there are men who boast of their children from multiple mothers. Men who don't take any of the responsibilty necessary of a father. I'm seriously distressed with the current state of American culture. Channels like MTV which glorify sex are treated as Gospel by these people. Full disclosure: I am 26 years old, so this is my generation I'm talking about here.
[Above statistics from A. Gutmacher Institute]

Crime: I'm for strict law and order. If you do the crime, you do the time, maximum time. No work release. No time off for good behavior. If I ever became a judge I'd certainly be a hanging judge.

Gun Control: I've never understood the gun control camp. They act as if when they finally ban guns that they can dust off their hands, pat themselves on the back and declare "Murder is now a thing of the past!" But if someone is truly depraved enough to take another life they'll do so with any tool at their disposal. Or as Judge Mills Lane says: "Gun Control means two-hands."

War on Terror: Keep at 'em 'till every last one is put in the ground. It may sound like jock-speak but: "You're in it, 'till you win it."
Capital Punishment: I believe it to be an appropriate punishment for the sort of sick, twisted crimes we see too much of nowadays. I've never believed it to be a deterrent. As stated above anyone sick enough to take another life never thinks about the consequences.

And after all of the above, I happen to make a throw away comment about an idiot removing himself from the gene pool and I get branded a hate-filled, heartless, culture of death Liberal. Go figure.

I really need to post some pictures from life in my neighborhood. You would really get a sense of where I'm coming from as far as my cynicism is concerned. The 18 year old with 4 kids, the long lines outside the county Social Services office, the 14 year olds "hooching it up" to get in to local frat parties, the boarding houses overflowing with illegal immigrants. I may very well be the only one in my neighborhood who has ever strung together three consecutive work weeks. Yet my neighbors or living high off the hog on the government's dime while I'm barely breaking even.

It seems like all of a sudden FR has been overrun by an insane clan of over-zealous ZOTers. What's going on here? Don't they realize that's how liberals argue. "If I don't agree with you, I'll just scream at you or taunt you until you go away." Now don't get me wrong some people do deserve a good zotting, but let's try to keep things sane.p>
I am a laissez-faire freemarket capitalist. But, again, I realize that's an ideal and the reality of the world is not that simple. ie Jerks abound and they need to be dealt with harshly. Far more harshly then the market could ever deal with them

Just say no to the National ID. You can fight the war on terror without increasing bureaucracy.

One thing I've learned from my short time on FreeRep is that there are a myriad of different Conservatives. You have your Authoritarian, Law-and-Order-at-all-costs types versus your "Don't Tread on Me" Libertarian types and etc. Through it all I've lost my sense of where I fit in on the spectrum. On some threads I feel like the forum's resident facist and on others I feel like some pansy liberal. I've posted opinions that would make Fred Phelps blush. And I've posted other opinions that would cause Barbara Boxer to call me a sissy.

As a registered Conservative I'm disenfranchised with the current state of affairs within the party. It seems the party has been annexed by the Republicans. A party which itself has been seized by the neo-cons. As someone who hasn't had a sip of the koolaid I've taken a good long look at both the Constitution Party and the American Patriot Party lately.

Pet Peeve: I can't stand America's obsession with Hollywood and celebrities. Come on, celebrity losers aren't the kind of people we should be emulating.

What irks me more than a liberal is a pseudo-liberal. They're the ones who rally against consumption and excess yet they drive around in Hummers, live in 5 bedroom oceanfront mansions in Malibu, sip $5 lattes, and have $1000 personal yoga instructors. Right up there with them are the pseudo-conservatives. The "Do as I say not, as I do" types like a certain pill-popping, thrice divorced radio host. Or the Orange County(Ca) Conservative Party bigwig with 2 illegitimate children.

The cultural climate of any nation is cyclical. Right now we are at the cusp of a conservative period. It is up to us to determine whether or not we will affect a permanent change in the direction this country is headed or whether we will just waste our time on pettiness until things kick back toward the left.

And now for some fun stuff
Favorite Genre of Music: Country
Favorite Musician(s): George Strait, Alan Jackson
Favorite Actor(s): Andy Griffith, John Wayne

I've realized that I've been very self-righteous up through now. So here's a list of a few things I've done wrong that I need to square with God.

  1. As said above, I'm too self-righteous.
  2. I'm too loose with the swears.
  3. I have a short temper.
  4. All too often, I celebrate when harm befalls the wicked. I am supposed to pray for a sinner's salvation, not his damnation.