Objective Reality
Since Nov 27, 2000

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If I have one overriding mission in life, I would have to say it is to somehow, some way hobble and render irrelevant the detestable Culture of Celebrity that has infested and infected genuine American culture, reducing our once-proud civilization to a society of self-doubting, self-destructive sycophants, whose primary - if subconscious - motivation in life is to emulate and ultimately worship the dismal, meaningless existences of self-annointed nobles, the "celebrities."

I am all for the existence of art for art's sake, and for the creative expression of all individuals in a free society, but it is inconceivable to me that any artist's political views should be granted any greater consideration than those of any other citizen. As this is the situation in Western culture today, it must be defeated.

I would bleed and die to defend my beloved nation, but I would burn alive to defend my sacred Texas.