Since Apr 11, 2005

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There are a lot of good people on FREE REPUBLIC. Many I agree 100% with but there a few who constantly look for an opportunity to bash Germany/Germans. Having been born in Germany many years ago and experiencing the constant barbs about Germans/Germany from my American school mates, I am particularly incensed that this continues 40 years later on FREE REPUBLIC. Most of this bashing coming from beer-bellied old farts anonymously typing into their computer, while sitting in their stained boxers scratching themselves.

I'm proud to be German. That's why I still maintain German citizenship even though my parents brought me to the US as a 3 year old, I attended K thru 12th grade in the US, served in the US Air Force, and graduated from Purdue University. I'm here on FREE REPUBLIC to challange anyone who bashes Germans/Germany. I'll remind these hate mongers that even the US has skeletons in it's collective closet. There are many historical facts that these German bashing Americans choose to ignor, where their country's behavior is questionable. If that offends anyone, so be it. I'm here to defend MY country.