Since Aug 29, 2000

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I'm a husband and father to three sons: Two graduates of Notre Dame who are documentary filmmakers in Chicago and the youngest, a wrench-head apprenticed as a Ferrari-Maserati Tech. I'm a college dropout myself (Indiana) but have made my own way since migrating from the Midwest to the West Coast thirty-five years ago, so Personal Responsibility coupled with Individual Freedom are very important to me, and make me a staunch Republican. I worked for McGovern in my naive youth but have voted Republican since 1976, and worked for the Bush-Cheney campaign here in Oregon. My wife of 29 years and I worked hard and sacrificed much to ensure the best education for our children and have been blessed with three very self-motivated kids. We love our lives here in Oregon where we can appreciate the great outdoors and nature in all its splendor, and give thanks to God daily for His many blessings...(updated 2/2/08)