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(Vanity)The World is Big and Scary, and I am Small

10 More Manly Guns

13 Weird Fruits and Vegetables: Exotic Produce

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

7 Reasons Socialism Will Make You Poorer Than Capitalism

Arming Oneself versus Turning the Other Cheek

Beck: God Under Attack In America (Video)

Chuck Norris: Outlawing Opinion

Congress is Taxation Without Representation

Creation: antidote for depression

Dependence Day

Earth in Carbon Dioxide Famine, Says Scientist

EXCLUSIVE: Former NSA Employee Speaks Out About its Corruption

Free calls to 411‏ (via google)


How America Lost its Freedom

Hydrogen From Sun And Water

I think there was a time when men didn't think


Is self control more important in life than intelligence?

Kindly Note the Impending Bankruptcy (Mark Steyn)

Loyalist or Patriot?

Marriage Protection Amendment: The Consequences of Failure

Mike the Citizen - God bless him! [Video - Dingell's goons have threatened his family!]

Morality is Habit-Forming: The Cardinal Virtues

Napolitano: "The system worked" (Incompatence, sufficently advanced...)

Notice to Obama, Democrats and any Republicans foolish enough to vote for ObamaCare!

Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan (Flush the Constitution!)

Oops! TV announcer says President Obama is dead and will announce this himself - video

PHILOSOPHY: WHO NEEDS IT? (The IMPORTANT West Point Commencement Speech)

Planned Parenthood 1964 ad - "An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun"

Progressivism/Liberalism is Heresy [Excellent read & reference]

Question. Why can't America get its manufacturing jobs back?

Red Wine Boosts Sexual Desire in Women

Some 3D Photos of World War I from Rare, Vintage Stereo Camera

Sowell in Despair: A Fatal Trajectory (Sowell SuicideWatch™)

The 'Holy Grail' of the gun world: TRIPLE-BARRELLED shotgun from 1891 goes under the hammer

The 'law pollution' tipping point approaches

The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis distilled down in a short discussion.

The American Rifleman in the Revolutionary War

The Code Before 'Da Vinci'

The Consolations of Pessimism - In our age, as in Seneca’s, the worst is always possible.

The Danger of a Corrupted Constitution

The Essential Rules Of Liberty

The Essential Rules Of Liberty

The perfect boiled egg.

The True Story of The Patton Prayer

This column is great, trust me

Top Ten Investing Rules for Common Folk

Trapping Feral Pigs, And Other Parables Of Modern Life

Video: The History Of Political Correctness

Wargaming the opening blows of civil war in Connecticut.

What If the Government Rejects the Constitution?

Whose Land Is Israel?

Why A Communist Like Obama Just Doesn’t Work: List of 683 Scandals To Date

Why you should ALWAYS carry(guns)

Without a Vision, the People Perish