Since Feb 1, 2004

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I am what my screen name says...just an Ordinary Average Guy...an OAG. I believe there are more OAG's out there than some may think. We pretty much mind our own business...we hate government waste...we can't stand whiners and bellyachers...we loathe people who make decisions based on emotion rather than common sense. We cannot get along with people who are stuck up, irrational or stingy. OAG's live a simple life...but we're not stupid. We keep up with the latest in politics and civics, but we know a two-faced lying politician before he opens his mouth.

OAG's believe this country would already be in Hell (delivered in a handbasket of course) if it were not for the Silent Majority of level-headed conservatives that don't get caught up in militant activism and gossip. True, we are opinionated, but it's the good, old-fashioned kind of opinion your grandparents had...it made sense.

I only hope and pray that my future posts here will encourage others to become OAG's...which is for "gals" too. I think it's time we had some people who believe the glass is half full instead of half empty. Optimism...what a beautiful thing!

I'd love to have your "ordinary" feedback anytime.