Since Nov 3, 1998

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The basis for the decline in the civility in American culture can be traced to the disgraceful rulings by activist judges who have artificially and illegally removed most of the influence of God from the historic place that we Americans had always overwhelmingly chosen as the underpinning of our culture. These illegal usurpations reflect the radical leftist viewpoints of the most extreme liberal mouthpieces of the nineteen fifties and sixties and the modern radical leftists who sit in positions of influence. A few specific examples of these extremist liberal infestations are the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (which headquarters in San Francisco but holds the appellate jurisdiction over all the district courts in the west), the Democrat Party leadership, the so-called black-leadership, the news media, the textbook industry and almost all Universities and their faculties.

Americans on the political right are very aware of the hypocrisy of the leftists who agree with such judicial rulings promoted by extreme leftist political groups such as the ACLU, People for the American Way, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State. These are all fraudulent groups whose names were carefully chosen to hide the true purpose of their existence.

The true purpose of their existence is to destroy the preexisting American civilization and replace it with their secular/pagan, socialist utopia using any dishonest, unethical and illegal means possible.

They do their dirty work of destruction all the while pretending to support the Constitution in agreement with the will of each and every past generation of American citizens who they secretly hold in contempt. These groups know the control of the Public School System Monopoly is the key to their success because it allows them to indoctrinate children away from the teachings of the parents of these same children.

The media and entertainment industry methodically echo this leftwing secular/pagan brainwashing and if the child matriculates to University, the secular/pagan socialist indoctrination is nothing short of oppressive.

Despite this monopolistic onslaught from the secular/pagan left, Americans would even now return to the true, historic basis for their law and culture, but the illegal and unfounded rulings by liberal activist judges, illegally acting as legislators, have beaten them over the head and tied their hands. At the same time, the leftist press and their leftist allies have taught those who are ignorant of true American history and law to believe the revisionist's history and accept the revisionist's false interpretations of the Constitution. .

The left is loaded with such overwhelming hypocrisy that denial is an impossibility. It is astonishing to watch as they have been given a pass while they brazenly worked without conscience telling one 'Big Lie' after the other as a means to the treasonous end they seek.

Out of one side of their mouth they robotically chant the mantra that the Constitution has always agreed with them and their revisionist interpretations, while out of the other side of their mouth they justify their treasonous judicial activism by claiming that the Constitution somehow evolved all by itself one day so that now it magically stands upon its head to agree with the leftist's illegal revisions (thus, they have resorted to selling their desperate notion that the Constitution is now a living, breathing, Al Gore-Ginsburg-ACLU document that among other things outlaws the Creator from being mentioned when discussing justifications for legislative and judicial rulings and for informing the morality of everyday life (even though the influence of God in these matters was always completely Constitutional and even greatly cherished since the birth of the nation.

In fact the words and principles found in the Bible were appealed to and considered of great value by the very people who gave us the Constititution in the first place)).

To try to put the final nail in the coffin of the true Constitution, the secular/pagan left work tirelessly to brainwash each and every public school student, every college student and most of all every law student that the Constitution is now finally being interpreted correctly after over two hundred years of its agreement with the morally conservative right which started this civilization and sacrificially nurtured it for four hundred years.

That is, the Constitution has now been grossly perverted to match the new secular/pagan leftist revised version that never before existed. This new, judge-created, false interpretation blatantly disagrees with American legal history, but this new, judge-created false interpretation of the Constitution does agree with the flagitious views of the ACLU and other fanatical extremists who hate the real Constitution.




"Christianity condemns envy, thus helping protect the market from its enemies. But as [true] religion wanes, envy and blaming free markets and property for one's frustrations - and therefore statism - grows." Russell Kirk

"If you'll not be governed by God, you'll be ruled by tyrants." William Penn

"I have disposed of all my property to my family. There is one thing more I wish I could give to them, and that is the Christian religion. If they had that and I had not given them one cent, they would be rich. If they have not that, and I had given them the world, they would be poor. " Patrick Henry



If you accept or agree with the artificial, and illegal revisions made to the Constititution by activist judges which overturned two hundred years of settled Constitutional interpretation, intent and understanding, you are a traitor to the country and you are just another blind follower who has rejected our republic for an oligarchy while you were being led around by the Jacobins of the far left.

The modern Public School System has come under the control of the far left which says and does all things according to the marching orders of the ACLU and other radicals and radical front groups.

The modern Public School System Monopoly.